Idiotic Idea Of The Day: End Homelessness As We Know It

Idiotic Idea Of The Day: End Homelessness As We Know It

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York, has an idea. It cannot possibly work.

Idiotic Idea of the Day

Please consider Mayor Vows to End New York City Street Homelessness ‘As We Know It’.

Mayor Bill de Blasio released a plan Tuesday aimed at getting nearly all of the estimated 3,600 people who are living on New York City streets and in the subway system into shelters and homes within five years.

The Democratic mayor’s plan to “end street homelessness as we know it” includes adding 1,000 new “safe haven” beds in churches and other non-profits and 1,000 apartments earmarked for homeless people.

As We Know It

About 60,000 people live in city homeless shelters.

Want more of something, then subsidize it. Better yet, give it away for free. If you earmark 1,000 apartments for the homeless there will be 10,000 takers.

Add in free food and there will be hundreds of thousands of takers.

Bus Service Needed

I propose a free bus service.

Say Ohio wants to get rid of its homeless. They could offer free busses to New York and better benefits.

That would, without a doubt end homelessness “as we know it”.

Please recall Bill Clinton’s plan to “End Welfare As We Know It”.

You might be surprised to learn that president Clinton did indeed do what he said.

Unfortunately, it was not a success story.

Please consider “End Welfare As We Know It“.

How did it work?

In 1996 Bill Clinton signed a welfare reform act, that he proclaimed to be the “End of Welfare As We Know It”. It was. People moved off welfare on to even easier to get disability programs.

Part of Clinton’s welfare reform plan pushed states to get people on welfare into jobs, partly by making states pay a much larger share of welfare costs.

The incentive “worked” using the term loosely. Welfare rolls shrank but disability rolls soared.

Clinton’s success was to replace welfare with an even greater amount of disability fraud.

I suspect Bill de Blasio will have a similar measure of “success”.

If after this you are still thinking of donating money to aid the poor, please note Vatican Spends 90% of Donations for the Poor On Itself

So either do a better job of investigating charities, or consider donating food to a local food bank.

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