How Travis Scott Feels About Those Kylie Jenner & Drake Dating Reports…

So it seems like this Drake and Kylie Jenner thing is really happening. How shocked are YOU about their fledgling fling??

Well, no matter how strong your emotional response to the existence of DRYLIE, there’s one person we figure is more invested than anyone else on the planet.


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No, for real though, we’re obviously talking about Travis Scott, Kylie’s baby daddy with whom she recently broke up after over two years together.

Considering talk at the time of the split, which was just over a month ago, was that the two might end up getting back together ,we didn’t expect Kylie to get involved in anything real so soon.

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So how does Stormi Webster‘s daddy feel about Kylie’s new daddy? Per a source spilling to Us Weekly on Wednesday, it’s all chill. We think?

The insider says:

“Travis harbors no ill will to any of Kylie’s friends.”

Is that a blessing for the budding romance? Or a more loaded statement than it seems??

The specific wording is “no ill will to any of Kylie’s friends.” Does the geniality only extend to those who stay just friends with the billionaire beauty mogul??

Or maybe Travis just isn’t buying these two are even a couple. Fair enough, considering neither has officially confirmed the relationship, and a source close to Drake flat-out denied it, saying they’re “just friends.”

What we have heard is Kylie and the Hotline Bling rapper “have been spending time together recently” with one source specifically saying they were together “romantically.”

They were spotted hanging out during Drake’s birthday celebration; a witness described the scene in some very flirty terms:

“They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. They were joking around and Kylie was laughing. She seemed to be really happy and in a great mood and her and Drake seemed very comfortable with each other. There seemed to be an attraction there.”

But obviously they could really be just friends, as the source close to Travis seems to be intimating.

We know Drake has been close with the Kardashians for several years. In fact, he used to hang out at family dinners as a guest of Kris Jenner as far back as 2013.

Drake and Kylie Jenner at the 2015 Christmas Eve party
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Of course, Kylie would have been 16 years old around that time. And Drake has been accused of “grooming” younger girls by hanging out with them in a platonic way while they’re underage only to date them once they come of age.

People say he did exactly that with Kylie’s pal Hailey Baldwin before she got Bieber-ed.

But again, we don’t know for sure they’re anything more than friends anyway, so no reason to assume anything like that is going on…

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