Hillary Clinton: the Clinton Halloween Election Rigging, Poll Rigging & Fake Poll documentary: How precisely is Hillary Clinton rigging the Trump v Clinton election? How exactly are the Hillary Clinton Poll Numbers Bogus (“FAKE POLLS” by Clinton)? Why are the Russians seeming to threaten (nuclear?) war if Hillary Clinton wins? Will we go to world war with Russia if Hillary wins?

This documentary delves into Bogus Polls, Rigged Polls and the Clinton Election Rigging story.

In the Hillary Clinton, Clinton Halloween Election Rigging, Poll Rigging & Fake Poll documentary we examine and take the journey into the dark underworld that is the Clintons.

Election fraud, election rigging, and poll rigging, particularly since inception of electronic voting machines has been more rampant than most realize. Of course, it is highly speculated (believed) that Hillary Clinton could / would seek election rigging through this — and a variety of other facets we discuss.

Also, many of the Clinton emails, the emails which were released by Wikileaks (“Wikileaks Clinton emails”) are explored in this Hillary Clinton election rigging documentary. The Wikileaks Clinton emails seem to show intent to rig just about everything in government by the Clintons. However, some of the especially dark “Clinton Wikileaks emails” are examine and tied together more closely in this documentary than probably most (if not all) other Clinton Wikileaks email videos you will find available.

Hillary Clinton election Rigging and Clinton Wikileaks emails:

Because there are thousands of these “dirty” Wikileaks Hillary Clinton emails; it has actually been a benefit — in some sense — to Hillary Clinton… as it is just such a vast amount of materials, with so little time.

It has taken hundreds and hundreds of research & compiling hours under crunch for time to produce this Hillary Election Rigging documentary and presentation. And, likely not as polished as other documentary productions God in a Nutshell has done for that very cause. But, we are proud to lay the Hillary Clinton Election Rigging Documentary into your hands.


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