Harvey Weinstein Won’t Have To Pay A Cent Of His $25 Million Civil Court Deal To Accusers!

After all that, Harvey Weinstein won’t have to pay for his alleged crimes; his insurance companies will!

According to reports, the disgraced producer has reached a tentative $25 million civil settlement with dozens of his sexual misconduct accusers after a two year legal fight. But #MeToo supporters aren’t exactly celebrating, because the former exec will NOT have to admit any wrongdoing, nor will he have to pay his alleged victims out of his own pocket.

The New York Times reported that the proposed settlement has obtained preliminary approval from all major parties involved which include over 30 actresses and former employees of Weinstein’s that have accused him of various sexual crimes, including rape. 

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The 30 plus accusers would share the payout, along with any other accusers that should come forward in the subsequent months. Basically, the settlement would bring an end to every civil suit filed against the 67-year-old and his former company, The Weinstein Company, if it goes through.

But the large sum won’t be coming out of Weinstein’s pocket. Instead, the $25 million bill will be footed by several insurance companies representing the now-bankrupt Weinstein Company. 

Needless to say, the settlement was met with some criticism. Rebecca Goldman, the COO of Time’s Up, said in a statement: 

“This settlement is more than a math problem – it’s a symptom of a problematic, broken system that privileges powerful abusers at the expense of survivors. While this settlement is flawed, we know it represents the hard work of several survivors of Harvey Weinstein. We hope it brings them, and perhaps others, some small measure of justice and relief that is long overdue.”

Another vocal critic was actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, who took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with the words “F**k Harvey” written on her arm in black marker. See (below):

Even some of Harvey’s accusers aren’t happy with the settlement. 50-year-old actress Katherine Kendall — who claims the producer lured her to his apartment under false pretenses where he chased her around naked — said she was disappointed by the terms of the agreement but didn’t want to prevent other accusers from potentially receiving compensation by opposing it. 

She told the Times:

“I don’t love it, but I don’t know how to go after him. I don’t know what I can really do.”

While Weinstein may have gotten out of this lawsuit unscathed, he’s still set to be tried in Manhattan next month in a criminal case on charges of sexual assault involving two women.  

The producer looked beaten down when he appeared in court on Wednesday with a walker as a judge raised his bail from $1 million to $5 million, citing several violations of his bail terms.

And even though Weinstein avoided personally paying his alleged victims, many of the plaintiffs’ lawyers are reportedly predicting that the mogul will soon file for personal bankruptcy. 


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