Foster Child’s Kindergarten Classmates Visit Family Court To Support Him At Adoption Hearing!

What an incredible show of support!

A kindergarten class in Kent County, Michigan showed up en masse to family court on Thursday to help celebrate a life-changing moment for one of their beloved classmates. Eight-year-old Michael Clark Jr., was officially adopted by his longtime foster parents in court that day — and ALL of his cute friends were there to watch and cheer. Awww!!!

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According to Wood TVAndrea Melvin and Dave Eaton became Michael’s foster parents a little more than a year ago. The relationship between the three went so well from the very beginning, that full-scale adoption soon came up as an option. As the paperwork made its way through court, and the adults asked Michael who he’d like to have at his ceremony when it came up, the adorable little guy mentioned how his classmates were like a family to him, too, so… there they are!

Cheering and waving paper hearts in the viewing gallery, a couple dozen kindergartners from teacher Kerry McKee‘s class at Wealthy Elementary School in Grand Rapids cheered along as the judge banged the gavel, and Michael officially got himself a great new family! So many smiles and happy faces!

Oh, and as you can see in the video (above), little Mr. Clark was SERIOUSLY dressed to impress for the life-changing event, too. What a dapper little kid!!!

An Amazing Adoption Day!

The fact that Michael had his classmates at the adoption ceremony is unique, to be sure, but even before Clark’s adorably viral moment, Kent County’s Annual Adoption Day has long been a remarkable, powerful celebration of love and family life! The county finalizes dozens of adoptions every year around this time, historically celebrating the full-scale event in early December, as a court official told local reporters, “so that Santa and his elves can be involved.” LOLz! That’s too cute!

Michael’s viral adoption blew the doors off this one, though; pictures from his kindergarten class’ involvement in the big day quickly drew more than 100,000 Facebook shares from the county’s page on the social networking site, with thousands and thousands of positive comments and well wishes from all over the world, to boot!

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As you can see in a couple of the picture galleries from Facebook (below), it was an emotional day for Michael and every other newly-adopted child involved in this whole process:

It’s Adoption Day at the Kent County Courthouse. 37 children are being lovingly and officially welcomed by their families. There is not a dry eye in Judge Patricia Gardner’s courtroom.

Posted by Kent County, Michigan on Thursday, December 5, 2019

OMG! So cool… and so emotional! We weren’t kidding about getting those tissues…

Here we are, reaching for ours now, too! LOLz!

Here’s more follow-up from Kent County about Michael’s viral story:

Yesterday we brought you the story of Michael. He invited his kindergarten class to his adoption hearing because, in his…

Posted by Kent County, Michigan on Friday, December 6, 2019


We’re so unbelievably happy for Michael, and his classmates, and every other Kent County kid lucky enough to feel the love of a forever family on this memorable day.

Such a feel-good Friday story to enjoy, especially during the holiday season! Congrats to all the happy families!!!

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