EXCLUSIVE: Why you can’t get ahead

There’s a quote that every football coach steals from Vince Lombardi. The former Packers coach once said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”.  I know of no other quote so true.  Take a look at Donald Trump, he was told he would never win the election, and yet he never quit and that’s why he is now President Trump.

I receive a lot of emails each day, and some of these emails make me scratch my head because no matter what I say or write, it appears people don’t hear or read me correctly.  I’ll get back to this in a moment.

Everyone who has read my posts on this website, or watched my Walk & Talks, or subscribes to our TeamDML website knows that not so long ago I had a period of time when my body pain was so bad that I thought I had cancer.  I did everything I could to find the source. I endured tests for cancer, Lyme Disease, and MS. I had a colonoscopy, numerous blood tests, went to see specialists, and so on.  Eventually, it was determined I had a parasite.  I was given medications by the doctor.  The meds cost a fortune, and they worked minimally — meaning, the pain never went away completely.

I was disheartened by this all! My walks were over, my sports were done, my activity was minimal, and the overall impact on my demeanor showed in both my personal and business life.  My audience could tell that I wasn’t the same guy who once jumped in a leaf pile and made snow angels.

I was in the Bahamas filming They Come to America 4, when a man helping with the documentary saw me cringe in pain when getting up from a chair.  He told me I needed to take CBD.  I respected this man, he is laser sharp and very smart.  Thus, I decided to try CBD considering everything else I tried failed.  He told me at the get-go that I needed to give it time… “it took me 3 months”, he said.

After 3 months on DML PURE CBD I felt great.  After the 4th month, not only was I back to my old self, running, jumping in leaf piles, playing with the kids and walking 5 miles per day, but I was HAPPY again.  My need for meds were OVER. Done!  No meds, no Tylenol, no Advil, no sleeping aids.

I have explained this story countless times.  This is why we have the DML PURE STARTER PACK on DMLcbd.com.  It takes time for the DML PURE CBD to produce the best results.  But despite my descriptions and explanations, despite the videos and testimonials, I still get people from time to time telling me it doesn’t work for them.   When I dig a little deeper, I learn they bought the STARTER PACK and shared it with another person or two, and after 30-days they felt a “little better” but not enough to justify moving forward.  Good heavens, that’s like fasting on Monday and expecting to go down three waist sizes by Tuesday.  You have to give it time, and you have to be passionate about feeling better, which means you have to take it religiously.

You wonder why you can’t get ahead, be it with CBD, or finances, or in areas of your life.  In most cases the answer is “winners never quit and quitters never win.”  There are no short cuts.  If you want to win, if you want to feel great again, you have to stay committed and you have to stay in line with the blueprint.  Again, I urge you to look at Trump.  He has endured failures and roadblocks but he doesn’t quit, and that’s why he usually wins.

Today’s DML CBD PURE and MIRACLE ME testimonial comes from Kim.  Read what you has to say.  Here is her complete email:

Hi Dennis,
You asked in the chat the other night for me to send you a testimony. So here it is.

I ordered the starter kit and started taking my CBD in August. I had been having hot flashes at night for what feels like ever but was probably the last 5 years. No sleeping through the night. Two weeks after I started the oil I had my first full night sleep in a long time and was very encouraged. However the pain I have was not getting better. And then a month, sleep good, pain not good. The same after 2 months. But your story said it took 4 months before you felt better, so I held on to that.

At the M&G I heard others talk about how it just didn’t work for them and I reminded them that it took you 4 months. That we should be happy for the ones it helped immediately, but not give up. By now I was on the gel caps. I still didn’t feel like they helped much except for my sleep. In Oct I had to travel for work to CA. During that trip I ran out. Since I still felt like they didn’t help that much I did not reorder. Here is where it matters.

Two weeks later not only was I not sleeping as well, but pain was back that I didn’t realize was gone. I still had pain, but it didn’t occur to me that it was less pain. I was so excited for the Black Friday special, not only because I was able get the Miracle Me but because I knew I needed to get back on the DML PURE 900 softgels. I got my package on Friday or Saturday (supposed to be Monday the 16th, score on it being early) and am already sleeping well again, but I have had this pain in my heel for a while and it hurts so much to walk. I limped out of my bedroom to the couch, sat down and put MM on the spot hurting and got up to go in the kitchen, and there was NO pain at all in my heel. AMAZING

Moral of my story, don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged it is doesn’t work as quickly for you as other’s. Really pay attention, it wasn’t until I didn’t have it that I realized how much it really was helping.

STOP WAITING.  Go right now and get a MIRACLE ME bottle and 3 bottles of DML PURE CBD 900 softgels and save $50.  Your order will ship Jan 3.  Make your New Years Resolution to feel great again.  GO NOW: DMLcbd.com/great

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