EXCLUSIVE: Watch President Trump’s salute that went largely unnoticed [VIDEO]

An estimated 20,000 supporters filled the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas Thursday night for President Trump’s Keep America Great campaign rally.

Many had waited in line since the night before in order to attend the rally.

Thousands more who couldn’t get inside watched the speech from outside the arena, as the president delivered a fiery one hour and 30 minute speech.

Trump discussed the latest developments in Syria and Turkey, torched several of his 2020 Democrat opponents, including Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren. He also teased Sen. Ted Cruz, saying perhaps he should switch to Democrat and compete against the Democrats, prompting laughter from Cruz and the audience.

However, the most touching moment of the rally came after it was over, and many of the cameras had moved away. Still on stage, waving to the cheering crowd, and pointing out a few, President Trump suddenly pointed to one person in the crowd, assumed to be a veteran.

The president then sharply saluted to the person, pointed to them again, and pumped his fist in a meaningful gesture.

WATCH the moment in the video below:

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