EXCLUSIVE: New social network for conservatives gearing up for 2020

Since its launch one year ago, a new social platform for Conservatives and Independents has blossomed into a powerful force that is making a real difference on important issues for America.

Founded by businessman, filmmaker, and political commentator Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), TeamDML is the place where free speech is celebrated, real news is shared, and members from around the nation become like family.

Activism efforts to hold our elected officials accountable, put more conservatives in office – both in D.C. and in every state –  and re-elect President Donald Trump are top priorities for TeamDML in 2020.

Whether it is signing petitions on important issues, or sending letters to the White House and other elected officials, TeamDML has become a mighty force.

Recently, TeamDML members made phone calls and blasted out messages to authorities in California, on behalf of fellow team member, Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney, lobbying (successfully) for her son’s illegal alien killer to be deported upon his release from prison.

TeamDML recently held its first annual conference in Florida, attended by hundreds of members from around the nation who all want to do MORE to help make an impact for the future of  our nation.

JOIN US TODAY!  TeamDML Memberships are available at two different levels, and include benefits such as daily educational news broadcasts and podcasts Monday-Friday with DML and immigration expert Michael Cutler.  CLICK HERE for more information, and learn how you can TRY IT FOR ONE MONTH for ONLY $1.

READ REVIEWS BELOW from some of our members:

Jane: TeamDML is likeminded people championing for America rooted in the forethought of our Founding Fathers for all generations to come; fighting for the Rule of Law and preserving our freedoms while holding our elected officials and news outlets accountable.

Rosey: Being part of TeamDML is Enlightenment to my mind. The information shared is thought provoking and encourages me to check things out for myself.

Shirley: As a proud member, TeamDML is a place for reporting the truth, to educate, enrich and build friendships while working together to preserve our constitutional rights and values.

Wanda: TeamDML is for me having the scales removed from my eyes, coming out of darkness, having my understanding of truth coming to life, & finding this incredible family that knows truth & love.

Below is an excerpt from a recent news broadcast to TeamDML members by immigration expert Michael Cutler, who warned that states are aiding terrorists by providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens:

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