Epileptic Mom Brutally Raped By Cop After She Was Arrested for a Half-Gram of Medicinal Weed

After police arrested her for possessing less than half a gram of cannabis, a mom claims she was brutally raped in jail and then ignored by other guards when she begged for help.

Source: Epileptic Mom Brutally Raped By Cop After She Was Arrested for a Half-Gram of Medicinal Weed

Katy, Texas – A traumatized mother is speaking out after she said she was brutally raped by a jail guard after she was arrested and thrown in jail when she admitted to a police officer that she had less than half a gram of marijuana in her car for medicinal use.

Emma Lopez, a 26-year-old mother of two, was pulled over for speeding a few blocks from her home by a Katy Independent School District police officer on March 1. While she was polite and complied with the officer, he asked her to step out of her car and then said, “The minute I stopped you, I could smell marijuana on your car.”

Lopez admitted that she did have less than half a gram of cannabis in her car, and she told the officer that she used it to control her seizures. As The Free Thought Project has reported, thousands of people who suffer from seizures have discovered the incredible power of cannabis as a treatment, and research has found that 90 percent of epileptic patients who tried medical cannabis reported a reduction in seizures.

“I have seizures and I don’t even smoke very much,” Lopez said.

Unfortunately, Texas is among the remaining states that have yet to legalize cannabis, and it is still operating under the federal government’s lie that cannabis has no medicinal value. The officer at the scene escalated the situation by calling in a drug dog to find the minuscule amount of cannabis.

Unfortunately, you’re going to jail today,” the officer told Lopez after the remains of the plant were recovered from the car.

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