Enoch: The BOOK of the End ~ BEST ENOCH online. (BOOK of ENOCH explained)

Enoch: The BOOK of ENOCH gives prophecy about the future of the world. End Times: Enoch is also a Book of the “End-Times”. For info on God in a Nutshell films, or the Enoch study: https://godinanutshell.com/

Enoch’s prophecies look striking like your current news. Enoch, the Book of Enoch, is explained in this video by Trey Smith. The Book of Enoch is believed by many to be what Enoch himself says it is: A pre-flood text.

Enoch: Also in this video are prophecies by Kim Clement that are coming for both the US and ISRAEL in LARGE ways. Kim Clement is called by some the world’s LARGEST “END-TIMES” prophet. Though Kim Clement himself likely would have never referred to himself in that way.

Enoch: Trey Smith Enoch study ~ check at God in a Nutshell for details.

ENOCH: Trey Smith will be doing a full study for those interested on the Book of Enoch on/at the God in a Nutshell website (https://godinanutshell.com/). You will need to check there for details. As far as we know, there is NO other full walk-through of this hardcore “END-TIMES” book anywhere. So, Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell are going to do one.

ENOCH: The Enoch study will literally go through the Book of Enoch in a number of live-streams spread likely several weeks apart each. It will be an in-depth study of the entire Book of Enoch, from fallen angels, to demons, to dimensions, to the end of the age….. all of it.

These live streams (as well as the past ones we will catalog) will be available on the God in a Nutshell project at: https://godinanutshell.com/

These sessions will be done from Trey’s home (by the fireplace), also probably from Israel as well. Just a cozy, relaxed and easy walk through of the BEST of the Book of Enoch every few weeks for those interested to understand this book right from their couch….

Currently the God in a Nutshell is also working on “Exodus”. Exodus will be the next full length film to be released solely by Trey Smith. Exodus is a film Trey Smith has worked on for a number of years on and off. IT is an important film (all timing is in the Lord’s hands on these things).

God in a Nutshell project https://godinanutshell.com/

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