Duchess Camilla Gives A SHADY Response To Question About Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Exit!

Oh man, the British media truly does NOT miss a beat!

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, AKA wife of Prince Charles, was caught off guard on Monday when reporters asked if she’d miss her stepson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle following the pair’s decision to take a step back from their Royal duties and live part-time in Canada.

We know members of the Crown are historically pretty good at hiding their emotions and appearing poised for the public, but the 72-year-old had such a visibly shady response to the question that we simply cannot ignore!

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It all went down during Camilla’s visit to Prospect Hospice of Swindon, England, in celebration of the organization’s 40th anniversary.

As the Duchess appeared to be leaving the building, one journalist asked:

“Will you miss Harry and Meghan?”

After a pause, a VERY long and awkward pause, she smiles and replies:

“Hmm. Course.”

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself in a video shared on Twitter by ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship (below):

Talk about shade!!

That smirk coupled with her curt response is quite telling if you ask us! We can’t help but wonder if the Duchess of Cornwall is not-so-secretly salty about the way things are shaking up amid #Megxit.

When discussions about Meg and Harry’s transition were still ongoing with Queen Elizabeth II, we heard reports Prince Charles was particularly “livid” over the entire situation. Although Camilla wasn’t namely involved in those high-profile emergency meetings, it’s a possibility she felt the same way her husband did.

Then again, that account was later dispelled by different Royal sources who claimed the family’s talks were amicable. So, maybe not.

Either way, gurl has got to do better with keeping up that poker face. Or, take the Serena Williams approach and just avoid commenting altogether!

This exchange comes just days after the Queen stripped Archie Harrison‘s parents of their HRH titles in response to #Megxit. Just FYI, the couple will still be able to use their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, though. Additionally, despite his lack of Royal duties, Harry will remain the sixth in line for the throne as the line of succession has not changed.

There are more significant changes on the way, recently outlined in a lengthy statement issued by Buckingham Palace.

In the meantime, Harry is operating business as usual! People reports he took part in meetings with leaders from three countries at the U.K.-Africa Investment Summit in London on Monday before jetting off to join Meghan and Archie in Canada.

Reactions to all this, Perezcious readers? Did U pick up on those shady vibes from Camilla, too?

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/John Rainford/WENN]

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