Drake Called Out By Fans Over Insanely High Ticket Prices To OVO Fest!

What are you even doing with this one, Drake?!

Fans flooded social media throughout the day on Friday with comments (and complaints) about how high-priced tickets for the Canadian rapper’s OVO Fest were after searching for them on the Ticketmaster website, and getting sticker-shock at the unbelievable prices quoted to them for general admission seating! WTF?!?!

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The music festival, which will mark the ninth time Drake has done a live fest in Toronto, and which goes down in late July and the first few days of August, will include these artists: B2KMarioPretty RickyLloyd, the Ying Yang TwinsChingy, and Bobby V, as well as Drizzle himself. But Drizzy and this company likely weren’t counting on there being SUCH a major backlash to prices.

Well, that is, until you see what prices for the tickets really came out to be (below) — it makes total and complete sense that fans were beyond angry with what they saw as a rip-off event not worth the money requested!

Ch-ch-check out some of THESE reactions to the Canadian legend’s ninth annual music fest… like this one (below), which kicked the whole thing off and pointed out general admission tickets are going for four figures:

Or this one, which made use of a popular meme to point out that it’s Ticketmaster — and not Drizzy — responsible for some of the specifics like overall ticket pricing (below):

Yeah… good luck with that argument.

This woman getting physically ill over ticket prices was definitely not alone in that sentiment (below):

This lady didn’t hold back even a little bit in calling the artists out here as greedy (below):

And for others, the high prices weren’t just greedy… they were straight up rude (below):

Wow!!! So much backlash! And rude is a GREAT new way to describe it — HA!!!

No word yet on whether Drake will respond to this (or if he even has the power to change anything, considering the whole controversy might be in Ticketmaster’s hands now.

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Clearly, some of those ticket prices are REALLY, REALLY high — even when converted from Canadian to U.S. dollars!! (For those wondering, one Canadian dollar is currently equal to about 0.77 United States dollars). So insane!!!

What do U think about this whole mess, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF about everything Drake-related, including what you think about this crazy concert, in the comment section (below)! But hurry up and do it now… we want to hear from you!!!

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