Did Tristan Thompson Cheat With OTHER Women — On Valentine’s Day??

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At this point it’s all but confirmed Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian AGAIN, this time with family friend and Kylie Jenner BFF Jordyn Woods.

As Malika Haqq said, STRONG FACTS.

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But Jordyn may not have been the only woods Tristan got lost in…

According to a new report from DailyMail.com, the NBA player spent Valentine’s Day with Khloe and True — but on Valentine’s night he went to a late night singles party!

A witness told the outlet Tristan came to the party solo — but didn’t stay that way! The source, who wished to remain anonymous, spilled:

“It was a Valentine’s Day party for singles, mostly ladies, super exclusive, guest list only. It was at the home of Jordan Clarkson who plays for the Cavs and there were quite a few Cavs players there, but it was mostly girls. They had red heart balloons everywhere on the ceiling and happy V’Day signs, a DJ, hookahs everywhere, club seats.”

A Valentine’s Day party with a “7-1 girls to guys” ratio doesn’t sound like a place for a committed baby daddy — especially one with a history of infidelity!

The partygoer thought the same thing, saying:

“Then at around 11.30pm Tristan comes in, he’s smiling, very playful, very happy, and immediately he’s dancing with his teammates and some girls. Me and my friends were like, ‘Why’s he not with Khloe and his baby on Valentine’s Day?’

Then I saw him drinking and knocking back shots at the bar and he was flirting and exchanging numbers with girls who came up to him — he certainly didn’t look like he was with Khloe any more. He was dancing, flirting, touching, grabbing butts, that kind of thing.

As the night went on I saw Tristan dancing and grinding with two women in particular and he was in good spirits, he seemed very happy.”

But this wasn’t just smoke — the eyewitness says there was fire, too!

According to the source, Tristan disappeared for about 35 minutes with the two women:

“The girls were in their early 20s, maybe around 24. One was Latina with brown hair while the other looked Middle Eastern, she resembled Khloe but had a different type of body. They were skinny, very sexy, they were dressed super sexy, crop tops, tight latex pants.

Tristan was with them and they were drunk, holding hands and giggling and they all went upstairs. The girls were touching his chest and Tristan touched one of the girl’s butts as they walked up the stairs.”

What was upstairs??

The partygoer didn’t see but got the skinny secondhand:

“No one was allowed up there unless you were somebody, you know, a friend of Jordan’s, and you were looking to hook up, there were guest bedrooms set up to use. My friend was already telling me that upstairs was off limits unless you wanted to hook up, people weren’t hanging out up there.”

Afterward, it’s reported Tristan reappeared, but…

“He didn’t have his jacket on anymore, his shirt was a little different, he didn’t have his beanie on anymore, it looked like something had happened.”


The witness says as the evening wore on there was even some awkwardness about the whole thing as folks asked about his famous baby momma:

“I remember some people going up to him saying, ‘Hey Tristan how you doin’, where’s Khloe?’ He pretty much laughed and ignored the question.”

There’s cell phone video from inside the party, supposedly of Tristan and the two girls.

While the footage is quite blurry, the Valentine’s decorations are very much as described.

And at this point we’re not sure how much we’re supposed to trust a denial from Tristan “fake news” Thompson.

Do YOU buy the story of Tristan cheating with MORE women? And on Valentine’s Day??

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