Did Engaged Chris Pratt Drop $6K At A London Strip Club??

Is Katherine Schwarzenegger cool with this kind of thing?

Chris Pratt‘s image has gotten pretty pious over the past year or two, as he’s spent more time at the controversial Hillsong Church and spoken out about his faith.

But there may still be some of that party boy left in there, too.

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According to UK tabloid The Sun, the Avenger was promoting The Lego Movie 2 last week and decided to live it up in London. Their source claims:

“Chris was hell-bent on celebrating last month’s engagement as soon as he touched down in the UK for his promotional tour.”

Oh, that’s nice. He’s so happy he just wants to shout it from the rooftops. Of a strip club. LOLz! The insider continues:

“After he finished filming for The Graham Norton Show he headed to the Sunset Strip club on Dean Street at 10:30 p.m. Chris arrived in high spirits and it wasn’t long until he was on the dance floor having a good time.”

That sounds wholesome enough. We don’t–

“At one point he spotted an attractive blonde stripper who was dancing around a pole and he started cheering. He was even telling the girl about his engagement and joked about asking if she’d marry him instead.”

Ah. Man, that is some Jersey Shore shiz.

The source says in total he dropped nearly £5000 — that’s almost six and a half thousand U.S. dollars:

“Throughout his stay, Chris didn’t hold back and ordered several bottles of bourbon and champagne.”

Well, look, religion or no, he has always seemed like the life of the party. It doesn’t mean he did anything inappropriate. Right?

Just, y’know, not quite the image he’s been putting forward on his Instagram

Do YOU think someone can split their time between being righteous and debauch??

[Image via Graham Norton/YouTube.]

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