Desperate Oscars Trying To Avoid Tanked Ratings -Attempt To Amend Political Errors

Fearing Low Ratings, Oscars Producer Makes Announcement All Conservatives Will LOVE

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The Academy Awards is starting to catch on. It’s simple, really.

If you want Americans to tune in to your event, leave politics out of it.

No Trump bashing. No over-the-top celebrities pushing gun control and other items on the far-left agenda. Nothing!Academy_Award_trophy

Just tell some funny jokes all can relate to, and hand out the darn awards.

Fearing low ratings, the Oscars will do their best to tone-down the political rhetoric.

From New York Times:

“We want to make it as entertaining as possible — reverential and respectful but also fun and emotional,” said Jennifer Todd, one of the lead producers of the Academy Awards, which will be hosted for the second year in a row by Jimmy Kimmel. “The Oscars should be a spectacle. Fun and funny and great performances.”

“It should also be a giant commercial for the movie business, which we all need to keep going,” Ms. Todd said, noting that the show would emphasize the 90th anniversary milestone…


Attempts to keep the Oscars on the sunnier side reflect ratings concern inside ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Most people watch award shows for the glamour. Whenever stars use the platform to support progressive causes and make political statements, large numbers of viewers turn the channel, according to academy insiders, who cite minute-by-minute Nielsen data for past shows…

A Grammys-level drop would be a disaster. The Oscar telecast is a big business, generating roughly 80 percent of the academy’s $136.3 million in annual revenue.


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