Demi Lovato’s Nude Photos Leaked Online After Hackers Reportedly Gained Access To Her Snapchat

We’re really feeling for Demi Lovato in this unfortunate situation!

The singer becomes just the latest celebrity victim to suffer the leaking of private photos after her Snapchat was apparently taken over by hackers, and nude pics of the star were posted to her own account, and elsewhere online. Ugh… here we go again!

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They took over the Sorry Not Sorry singer’s Snap account at some point on Thursday, it appears, and encouraged her followers to swipe up on the nude pics they posted in order to see more at a private group they’d set up on the Discord app.

According to The Blast, the people reportedly behind this are the same who took responsibility for taking over the Twitter account of the site’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, back in late August. They are also reportedly the same group connected to a previous nude photo leak affecting Chloë Grace Moretz, so it’s clear they’ve been around the block on this one before.

This pic of Demi Lovato may have been Photoshopped.
Lovato is clearly proud of her body… but hacks like this take things WAY too far. / (c) Demi Lovato/Instagram

Additionally, the outlet says Lovato’s team was alerted to the hack as soon as the nude photos went live on her Snapchat, and they rushed to get them removed very, very quickly. It’s unclear if Demi has been able to fully take back her social media presence — and/or, if any of her other accounts were affected at all — but for now, at least, the nudes are gone. It’s also unclear if Lovato has reached out to law enforcement yet over this very personal, unsettling violation.

As you may recall, the last couple of years have seen a stream of nude photo hacking controversies affecting celebrities on social media, from Emma Stone and Rosario Dawson, to Keke PalmerJennifer Lawrence, and many, many more. And at least some justice was served in 2018, when a Connecticut man was sentenced to eight months in prison for his role in a hacking scheme that stole and posted celeb nudes online, including J.Law’s private photos from as far back as 2014.

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With the unfortunate history around these stories — including how many female celebs it always seems to affect whenever hackers do work to get control of social media accounts — we’re unfortunately not holding our breath that Lovato’s will be the last hack we hear about in this round.

Ugh. It’s such a terrible and unsettling violation of privacy!!!

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