David Eason Selling Handmade Knives On eBay As Jenelle Evans Leaves Him BROKE: Report

Sounds like Jenelle Evans left her allegedly abusive husband up s**t creek without an Etsy account!

According to RadarOnline, David Eason is furious with the Teen Mom 2 alum, as she has apparently escaped his clutches and left him with absolutely “no money”!

A source told the outlet:

“David has been complaining that Jenelle left him with no money. He claims he never abused her.”

Evans, as we reported, recently requested a temporary restraining order against the 31-year-old pipe welder, claiming he physically and verbally abused her on 11 different accounts during their relationship — including the time he infamously killed their dog Nugget back in September.

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With no means of income (we guess the pipe welding industry is fickle these days? [Thanks, Trump]), Eason has taken to eBay to sell handmade products. Initially, he was doing this on Etsy, but his account was shut down, he claimed in a Facebook post.

Currently, the father-of-two is selling a coat rack made of railroad spike hooks and burned wood for $150, a 12-inch railroad spike knife for $177.50, and other hand-forged railroad spike knives ranging from $85-100. Get the complete gift set now for your estranged survivalist uncle who lives off the grid in fear of a government orchestrated zombie apocalypse. 

As fans know, Jenelle announced she’s divorcing her husband on October 31. She’s since been spotted with her ex Nathan Griffith (?!), and we guess Eason’s been keeping busy, too.

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