Cops Called On Bhad Bhabie After She Shows Up At New Nemesis’ House Looking For A Fight — Watch!

Is this what you came for, internet?

As a rapper and professional hot mess, Bhad Bhabie has gotten into her share of public fights. She’s traded blows with fellow Insta-gator Whoa Vicky multiple times and has even tried to start a fight with Iggy Azalea, an actual celebrity.

Now, it appears the social media sensation has asked yet another nemesis to cash her ousside… literally. BB snuck into this girl’s gated neighborhood and rolled up to her actual house expecting to fight — and the whole s**tshow was live-streamed on Instagram!

First, some backstory: Bhad Bhabie (real name Danielle Bregoli) and someone named Malu Trevejo (above, right) have been calling each other out on the social platform for (three?) years now. Recently, they got into it over rapper NBA Youngboy, whose biggest claims to fame are his association with Bregoli and the speculation that he may have herpes. (We truly wish we were making this up.)

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Apparently, Mula tangoed with Youngboy at some point and kept telling Bregoli she wanted to fight. Never one to back down from a challenge, Bregoli tracked her nemesis down and showed up at her door; but, unfortunately, Malu’s parents wouldn’t let her out to play.

The result was Bregoli trying to scream-splain her history with Malu to the girl’s very confused parents, who eventually called the cops on the angry viral star and her friend. As for Malu, she was seemingly heard from the house in hysterics. 

Watch the insanity unfold (below) — and if you get nervous for the next generation, just remember Greta Thunberg exists, too.

[Image via YouTube]

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