Comment on Matt Gaetz Shuts Down MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Over Dems Impeachment Of Trump by Christian Gains

HOPEFULLY, SOONER than later, the GENUINE REPUBLICANS (such as Matt, & Jim, & Devin, Rand, et al), will come to the REALIZATION that NEITHER the “PRESSTITUTES”, NOR the “Demwitz”, NOR the “PAPER- FAKE NEWS groups”, NOR the “DEEP STATERS”, are even SLlGHTLY interested in “DO WHAT’S RIGHT”!!

BUT they ARE interested ONLY in destroying TRUMP FIRST, and THEN, destroying ANYONE OR THING, that was PART or PARCEL of what WAS the TRUMP Agenda!!! AND!…

btw…They WILL do ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING!! to get RID of POTUS AND / OR, “The Deplorables”!!!

BECAUSE if the GENUINE REPUBLICANS do NOT do more, they won’t BE “ANY MORE”!!! BEWARE!

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