Columbine-Obsessed Teen Commits Suicide In Denver Forest After “Running Around Naked With A Shotgun”

An 18-year-old woman obsessed with the April 20, 1999 Columbine massacre committed suicide in a Colorado forest after authorities warned she might “commit an act of violence in the Denver metropolitan area.” 

Sol Pais via Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

The body of Sol Pais of South Florida was found at a campsite near the base of Mt. Evans in Clear Creek County, located approximately 45 miles west of Denver, according to Fox31, which posted a photo of a parking lot close to where her body was discovered.

According to CBS Denver, a woman hiking in the area said she was told to leave the area because “a naked woman matching the description with a gun was spotted in the area running through the woods.” 

Sol Pais was found near the Echo Lake Campground in Mt Evans, just outside Denver, on Wednesday morning (via the Daily Mail)

Pais traveled to from Florida to Colorado on Monday, where she went to a Littleton gun store and legally purchased a shotgun and ammunition after arriving at Denver International Airport, according to KMGHciting an FBI spokesperson. The Denver FBI office was alerted to the potential threat early Tuesday by Miami FBI agents. 

Several Colorado schools were placed on lockout Tuesday afternoon after the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office identified what appeared to be “a credible threat” from an individual (Pais) identified by the FBI – just three days before the 20th anniversary of the Columbine mass shooting. Around 500,000 students across around a dozen Denver area districts were told to stay home due to the threat. 

On Tuesday night, the FBI searched a Miami Beach residence where Pais lived with her parents. Her father, 58-year-old Gardi Pais, told the Daily Mail that the family had not heard from her since Sunday, and that he thought his daughter ‘had a mental problem.’ He says he begged her to return home. 

“They are looking for her. We don’t have any idea,” she added. 

Colorado police, meanwhile, were told to be on the lookout for Pais. While they did not have enough probable cause to arrest her, she was to be detained and evaluated for mental illness

A “BOLO” sent out by Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force says that Pais is “infatuated with Columbine school shooting” and was “attempting to buy firearms.” It also says “NO PC TO ARREST” meaning authorities at the time the BOLO was created did not have enough probable cause to arrest her. The sheet also says, “If contacted detain and evaluate mental health status then contact Det. Gilbert immediately.” –KMGH

The Daily Mail discovered a “disturbing website believed to belong to Pais” during the manhunt, “filled with self-hate journal entries and contains a tribute to a Marilyn Manson song that was inspired by the high school shooting.

The site contains photocopied handwritten journal entries with multiple drawings of guns and troubling phrases like ‘being alive is f**king overrated’ and ‘how do I pull it out of me? I’m f**king empty.’  

The website also has the phrase ‘1999 – the nobodies’ written on it. Marylin Manson wrote a song titled The Nobodies based on the 1999 shooting massacre at Columbine. 

Another social networking page found under Pais’ name contains a profile photo bearing a resemblance to photos released by authorities during the manhunt for her. 

It asked for readers to be the ‘best killers’. 

The profile, which also contains a link back to the website with the journal entries, also has five items listed on a to do list, including: ‘Self destruct, burn out, walk away, reject apologies and fade.‘ –Daily Mail

Pais is also believed to be behind a series of March posts on the National Gun Forum website asking for information on buying guns in Colorado, according to the Mail

“Florida resident here. I am planning a trip to Colorado in the next month or so and wanna buy a shotgun while I’m there and I was wondering what restrictions apply for me? I’ve found a few private sellers I might want to purchase from; is it legal for me as a Florida resident to purchase a shotgun in Colorado? I’m 18 years old too, if it’s important,” reads the entry, adding in a follow-up post “The problem is i have no friends in FL who are into guns like me so it’s not as fun having to do all of this alone.” 

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