Colin Kaepernick’s Hopes Of Returning To The NFL Take Another Bad Hit

He can only blame himself

Source: Colin Kaepernick’s Hopes Of Returning To The NFL Take Another Bad Hit

The Seattle Seahawks are reportedly no longer interested in bringing in Colin Kaepernick.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday night, “Colin Kaepernick and his attorneys took depositions in his collusion grievance from Seahawks’ HC Pete Carroll today and from GM John Schneider on Wednesday, per source. Seahawks expressed interest in Kaepernick this off-season, but he no longer appears to be in their plans.” (RELATED: KAEPERNICK BUNGLES POTENTIAL NFL CONTRACT OVER REFUSAL TO STOP KNEELING)

Color me shocked that the one team interested in signing Kaepernick no longer wants him after he deposes team leaders and continues to sue the NFL.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has nobody but himself to blame for being unsigned. The Seahawks were willing to give him a fair shot if agreed to stop kneeling, and he reportedly wouldn’t do it. Again, Kaepernick should look in the mirror if he’s looking for somebody to blame for not being on a team. (RELATED: GREEN BAY PACKERS FANS WILL REVOLT IF THE TEAM SIGNS COLIN KAEPERNICK)

I don’t get to walk into my office, kneeling on the ground, cause problems, become a distraction and then complain when if I get fired. The NFL is a business. The league’s goal is to make money, and Kaepernick is simply bad for business. (RELATED: O.J. SIMPSON GOES AFTER KAEPERNICK FOR HIS NATIONAL ANTHEM PROTEST)

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