Cody Simpson Overheard LOUDLY Complaining About Miley Cyrus Relationship!

All Miley Cyrus wants to do is put a good face on in public, sharing (and oversharing) about how great things are going with new man Cody Simpson.

But maybe things aren’t quite so idyllic as she wants us (and let’s be honest, Liam Hemsworth) to believe.

On Thursday, we got a look at the fledgling relationship without the Instagram filter on, and it sounds far from the type of perfect happiness that could make one stop choosing to be gay.

(Ugh, still can’t believe Miley said that crap.)

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This insight comes from an eyewitness (or, more appropriately, and earwitness) to a loud phone call Cody was making during his alone time. And no, it wasn’t to Miley. This was apparently what he says about Miley when she isn’t around.

The 22-year-old hunk was in his native Australia promoting The Masked Singer and took a solo dip at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool.

Based on a new report from, at one point he got on the phone and just went off on a whinge fest about his supposedly rosy relationship. All while wearing a Speedo.

He was overheard saying:

“We had a weird one yesterday… not really an argument but she kind of shut down.”

Shut down? What’s that about?

He was heard continuing:

“Yeah, it was kind of s**tty, but whatever.”

The witness, who was sitting nearby at the public pool, said he was complaining about how Australians were treating him.

Apparently they don’t take kindly to a man who would break the bro code with a fellow Aussie — friend or not. He reportedly said:

“I’m copping s**t here because of [her] exes. You know, her husband is Australian.”

Yeah, Cody. We know.

Miley Cyrus and ex Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus and ex Liam Hemsworth at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. / (c) WENN

Miley surprisingly announced the split from her hubby in August with a statement on social media.

(We later heard that was how Liam found out his was being broken up with as well!)

She then immediately moved on with pal Kaitlynn Carter for what she called a #HotGirlSummer. That rebound lasted just over a month before Miley jumped that ship as well and found her next port in the storm. (Are we mixing metaphors or does that actually work?)

As for that supposedly picture perfect relationship?

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus show off their matching tattoos
Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus show off their month one matching tattoos. / (c) Cody Simpson/Instagram

Cody was all smiles when it came to talking about it to the press, which he did. A lot.

Two days before his bikini bitch session, he gushed (about himself) on The Kylie And Jackie O Show, bragging:

“I’m very, very, very romantic. She’d talked about how she hadn’t had that kind of an experience in a relationship before.”

Wow, the Liam shade! No wonder Aussies are telling him they hate him.

He also told Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa:

“I told [Miley] I used to kiss her on the TV screen when I was little. She was the only one that I had ever felt that way about when I was that age. I had a crush on her ever since I knew who she was.”

Awwww! So romantic!

We wonder if he ever practiced having fights with the TV?

[Image via Cody Simpson/Miley Cyrus/Instagram.]

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