Chris Hemsworth To Play Hulk Hogan In New Biopic!

Well, this casting is… inspired!

Chris Hemsworth is going to be the next star to transform himself for a biopic — he’s stepping into the yellow boots of Hulk Hogan!

The Hollywood Reporter got the scoop about the planned film, which will be directed by Todd Philips after he wraps The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix and produced by Hemsworth, Philips, Michael SugarBradley Cooper, and former pro wrestler Eric Bischoff.

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According to inside sources, the film will completely avoid the scandals Hogan, born Terry Bollea, face later in life — racist speech, sex tape, lawsuits — and focus on his rise to fame in the ring and the Hulkamania craze of the ’80s.

Look, Chris Hemsworth can do anything, and we aren’t about to doubt his ability to fill those yellow tights. But will people be able to watch without thinking about later-in-life Hulk?

What do YOU think??

[Image via Tony Oudot/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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