Chicago Cops Accused Of Stealing Cash, Drugs, Sharing Proceeds With Informants

Source: Chicago Cops Accused Of Stealing Cash, Drugs, Sharing Proceeds With Informants

CHICAGO (CBS) –Two Chicago Police officers are facing federal charges, accused of stealing cash and drugs after executing search warrants.

In exchange for the information to gain the search warrants, the officers kicked back some of the stolen proceeds to their confidential informants, the indictment alleges.

Sgt. Xavier Elizondo and Officer David Salgado were assigned to a gang unit in the 1oth District on the West Side. According to a federal indictment, they conspired to falsely obtain search warrants that allowed them to search properties and seize cash and drugs. They then falsified police reports to hide the thefts, the indictment alleges.

On Jan. 28, according to authorities, Elizondo and Salgado kept $4,200 in cash recovered during a search of a rental vehicle.

Elizondo, 45, and Salgado, 37, are each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit theft and one count of embezzlement. Salgado is also charged with one count of making a false statement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson, while meeting with police recruits at the academy, called the charges “a disgrace” to the entire department.


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