Change – Be You Or A Puppet

Change. It’s soImagemething that has two different methods, one that is right and the other that is wrong. The one that is correct is a person who wants to change. The one that is wrong is a person who is in a situation where another wants them to change. This method only brings sadness. You begin to lose yourself, who you are, and live your life like a puppet.

For instance, I have five + managers that all think their words are right. They believe that everything they tell me, from how to lead to how to write up is the correct way. One tells me to be loud and firm with the employees, the other tells me to be calm, another tells me to win them over while another tells me to get rid of the troublemakers. One tells me to write them up, the other tells me I can’t write them up. What????? Hence, ‘puppet’.

It’s really hard to have a voice where so many other voices think theirs is correct. I’m going to start to be me again. “Me” leads by example, is kind, generous and caring and if upper management doesn’t agree, then I’ll just tell them “until you get on the same page, this is how I’m going to be!”

They even bother me on my lunch and breaks. So I’m making a change ‘today’. No more ‘puppet’, no more ‘working for free’ and no more ‘listening to one while the other says something completely opposite. I realized that they are the ones with the problems, not me. If they want to speak because they enjoy hearing their own voice, then fine by me, but I am cutting the strings. Puppet no more….

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