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You Are Free TV – 5/26 – VIOLATION NATION: Weinstein, CNN, SPYGATE #1776 #ReMEMber

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YAFTV received a copyright strike today so I have to be very careful until my 1st strike is removed on Monday. YAFTV will livestream with subscribers as soon as the CG strike is removed.

Please see the blog link for an update on the supposed CNN FCC “raid”. The more I look into it, the more ephemeral it becomes, however, the timing of the alleged raid is certainly in accordance with the breaking of #SPYGATE and the pressure being put on FBI Director Wray by Senator Johnson to release emails between the “Sensitive Materials Team” and CNN.

Happy Memorial Day to ALL and thank you to everyone who endured through the endless wars of the last 30 years that proved to be fought not with foreign enemies as much as globalist corporate interests. My heart goes out to each soldier and your families. May peace prevail on Earth. We ARE FREE!!

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With Rod Rosenstein missing (recused?) from today’s Capitol Hill meetings requested by Nunes, Gowdy and Johnson, the FBI’s “sensitive materials” team squirms beneath the Light of Trump’s tweeting spotlight. Meanwhile, the food chain on #SPYGATE climbs to the upper echelons of London finance, MI6 and the Crown.

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Operation Crossfire Hurricane = TREASON. The attempt of the Obama Administration’s DoJ and FBI to spy on presidential candidate Donald Trump, prevent his election and undermine his Administration has been uncovered.…

The 2nd special counsel into the FBI and DOJ was requested today by Representative Ron Johnson, Chairman!! The Deep Stater’s in the Department of Justice and FBI who participated in this treasonous operation will be brought to justice.

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We, the People, demand Truth, Justice and Transparency! Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the treasonous attempt of the Obama Administration’s DoJ and FBI to spy on presidential candidate Donald Trump and prevent his election has been uncovered.

The 2nd special counsel into the FBI and DOJ has been requested!! The Deep Stater’s in the Department of Justice and FBI who participated in this treasonous operation will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, we need YOU to sign the petition to end the Federal Reserve in America! PLEASE TAKE ONE MINUTE TO SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION:

You Are Free TV – 5/20 – A Quick Little Happy Sunday Video! Be Free!

Now is the time of our lives! Let’s get out and LIVE! I couldn’t have had a more perfect Sunday than today. A community event brought hundreds of people together to celebrate healthy living an community togetherness in honor of organic food and self-care. But, it was the people, the dancing, the heart-centered sharing that really made the day absolutely unforgettable and Filled with JOY! We Are Free!

You Are Free TV – 5/18 – Crop Circle Plasma Power: The Truth is Right Here! #SUPERSEEDS #SABOTAGE #DEW

As Plasma technology is increasingly being deployed against humanity, Crop Circle research is being systematically suppressed and sabotaged. Monique Klinkenbergh, long time researcher and recorder of crop circle phenomenon in Wiltshire, England, the central area for crop circle formations, recently had her archives and electronic equipment ransacked and stolen in what appears to be the latest development in hiding the TRUTH about positive plasma technology from humanity as the Deep State continues to infiltrate the Disclosure Movement, spreading disinformation, wreaking havoc and causing bodily harm and property damage to genuine grass-roots researchers and film makers. Award winning Crop Circle filmmaker, Patty Greer joins us with Monique, and we get into the heart of why the power-that-shouldn’t-be are sabotaging crop circle history, research and positive uses of plasma technology.

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You Are Free TV – 5/16 – PedoPope To Resign! Q Right Again! JAG Prosecutor Will Skewer NXIVM Traffickers!

The Pope’s “Terrible May” predicted by Q is unfolding! Pope Francis announced his possible resignation in coming months and Leo Zagami, ex-Illuminati high degree Italian Mason says Francis is to be replaced by an African Pope. Meanwhile, the appointment of Richard Donoghue, ex-JAG lawyer from Fort Bragg, will be prosecuting the NXIVM case in Brooklyn, NY!

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As Mueller proves his own Russian Collusion, Q tells us -30 to feel the #PAIN while FBI and DOJ cleared and Songbirds deliver testimony. Meanwhile, China wins in the Iran sanctions and will new Malaysian PM reveal the truth on flight 370?

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You Are Free Tv – 5/13-5/14 – #LOVEMOM Thanks, MOMS!! #MOMSRULE And Q is Back!

HA! Q IS BACK! One World Abrahamic Religion? #JERUSALEM #NASTYQAPP

While we ponder the fall of the Mueller Investigation (speaking of LARPs!), Q keeps delivering the intel! It’s not new, but it is Revolutionary for the People! Awareness, “LEARN!” (as Q says) is key! Meanwhile, Pompeo tells us Iran industry is coming up and Trump seems likely to secure a two-state Israel/Palestine deal down the road…

Here we go! Sorry about the wind-noise!

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You Are Free TV – 5/10 – #PATRIOTS: COMMON LAW Indictments WANT You! #REALLAW

WE, the People, are in charge of the Law of our Land. It is time to Re-Member that! We are the Patriots we have been waiting for. Please Get Involved! The Real Truth is the LIfe You Live!! If you would like to support this independent news blog beyond upvotes: Paypal: (for donations only, this is not a personal email, thanks)


The Q wars have gone live with multiple people involved in Cicada 3301 streaming on Youtube and outing some of the Q background. Meanwhile, the Iran Deal will be decided upton by POTUS within 12 hours. Perhaps, John Kerry and BHO will be arrested for treason under the Logan Act! And, oh yea, France is running America now in the latest corporate takeover of US Inc by UN Inc..

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You Are Free TV – 5/3 – Crop Circle Plasma Technology and The Suppression of Patty Greer’s Films

Why is Gaia, Inc., a popular UFO/Disclosure TV network based in Boulder Colorado, which produces the Contact in the Desert (CITD) conference, burying true footage of Crop Circles and Crop Circle plasma technology? Patty Greer’s crop circle films are the real deal. They show grass-roots true footage of crop circles as well as footage of rotating plasma vortices laying down perfect, ornate, complex symbols and messages in unbroken wheat and other grains in Southern England. At a time when humanity is waking up en masse to learn of the Break Away civilization’s suppression of life-saving, planet-saving advanced Tesla-type technologies, why would Gaia, Inc., a supposedly disclosure-positive organization, not be widely distributing these incredible films??

Please go to and rent or purchase Patty’s films today, and see for yourself, what is being hidden by the Disclosure Deep State.