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Billionaire Kochs Cheer Trump’s Endorsement of More Wage-Crushing Legal Immigration: ‘We Agree!’

The pro-mass immigration Koch brothers’ network of billionaire, donor class organizations is cheering President Trump’s recent doubling-down on supporting increasing wage-crushing legal immigration levels.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Defends Radical Abortion Law: ‘I Am a Former Altar Boy’

Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York defended himself against criticism that he rejected his self-proclaimed Catholic faith by signing into law a bill that allows abortion up until birth, asserting, “I was educated in religious schools, and I am a former altar boy.”

Chinese Media Gives Thumbs Down to State of the Union 2019

China’s state-run Global Times on Wednesday offered a lukewarm review of President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address, applauding his effort to build political unity in the United States but insisting the U.S. is too “deeply divided” to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Taliban Rejects U.S. ‘Residual Force’ in Afghanistan: All Foreign Troops Must Leave

Taliban jihadis on Wednesday repudiated U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal of leaving behind a residual American force in Afghanistan to carry out “counterterrorism” operations if the United States military withdraws from the country as a result of a potential peace pact with the terrorist group.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister ‘Fact Checks’ SOTU: U.S. Economy Is Failing

Venezuela’s foreign minister posted criticisms of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address during the speech on Twitter on Tuesday, accusing Trump of lying about the strong state of the U.S. economy.

Trump Reverses Wage-Boosting Campaign Commitment, Demands More Legal Immigration: ‘We Need People’

President Trump is reversing his campaign commitment to reduce overall legal immigration levels to the United States and thus raise the wages of America’s working and middle class, as he is now demanding more immigration. 

Bette Midler Warns Pro-Abortion Fans After SOTU: ‘Buy Stock in Coat Hangers’

Far-left celebrity Bette Midler warned her followers that women needing abortions would be going “back to the back alleys” during President Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday.

House Republicans Re-Introduce Born-Alive Act to Protect Babies from Infanticide

“To my colleagues, this is the simplest vote you will ever take: either you support babies being killed after they are born or you don’t,” she asserted. “It is time to go on the record and make clear if you think babies born alive deserve medical care, or if you think they should be left to die.”

Late-Night Hosts Triggered By Trump SOTU Speech: ‘We’re All Going to Die’

Late-night talk show host melted down in response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday and mocked his appearance and deployed so-called fact checks on many of his claims.

Nancy Pelosi on State of the Union: ‘It Will Take Days to Fact-check’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shuffled a large-type transcript of President Donald Trump’s speech during the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening. Afterwards, she condemned what she called the president’s “misrepresentations,” tweeting that they would “take days to fact-check.”

Watch: Kamala Harris Shakes Head After Trump Calls for Stopping Drug Cartels, Human Trafficking

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) shook her head after President Donald Trump called for putting illegal drug cartels and human traffickers out of business at his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.

Fact Check: Trump Is Right, NAFTA a ‘Catastrophe’ for American Workers

During President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address (SOTU) on Tuesday evening, the president called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) a “catastrophe” for America’s working and middle class.

WATCH: Trump Honors Angel Family of Nevada Couple Allegedly Murdered by Illegal Alien

President Donald Trump in his State of the Union Address (SOTU) honored the Angel Family of Gerald and Sharon David, the Nevada couple who was allegedly murdered in their home in January by an illegal alien.

Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Gets Standing Ovation at State of the Union in Burberry Coat, Leather Gloves

First Lady Melania Trump received a standing ovation at President Trump’s State of the Union Address (SOTU) as she contrasted starkly in style to the white-clad women of the Democrat caucus.

Trump: ‘All Children – Born and Unborn – Are Made in the Holy Image of God’

President Donald Trump called upon Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit late-term abortion past the time when science has shown an unborn baby can feel pain.