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Exclusive–Ortiz: Democrats Ignore Constituents by Obsessing Over Impeachment Instead of Passing Bipartisan Legislation Like USMCA

Democrats’ 300-page Intelligence Committee report indicts President Trump for asking the Ukrainian president to look into potential corruption on the part of Hunter Biden.

Ortiz: Keep the Economic Boom Booming–Yes, the Fed Should Lower Interest Rates

Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network writes in the Washington Times recommending that the Federal Reserve lower interest rates this week to stoke the fire of the booming U.S. economy.

Price and Ortiz: Democrats Constantly Overlook Conservative Solutions to Fix our Broken Health Care

Tom Price and Alfredo Ortiz write in The Hill about the woefully unequal playing fields for big versus small businesses under current healthcare law and urge Democrats to rectify this by applying the same principles here as they have with retirement plans.