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Pole Dancers Condemn Buttigieg For Canceling Event at Gay Club Over Stripper Pole

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg may want to get his supporters to the polls, but his refusal to bring them to a pole is drawing the ire of some in the LGBT community.

The former South Bend, Ind., mayor’s campaign canceled a fundraiser at Dark Lady, a gay Rhode Island nightclub, following a dispute over the presence of a stripper pole, according to the venue.

Dark Lady’s manager told WPRI that campaign staffers asked the club to remove the pole before the event. When the club refused, staffers canceled the fundraiser. “We guess this is what the gay candidate does to the gay community! #downonthepoles #dancersforanyoneelse,” the owners complained on Facebook. “We’re open, we’re here, we’re queer, get over it!”

The Buttigieg campaign’s cancellation angered pole dancers including Steven Retchless, an America’s Got Talent semi-finalist and the 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion.

“The pole stigma is associated with sex work, but sex workers whether they’re on a pole or not are humans, too, and shouldn’t be discriminated against for providing a service as old as time,” Retchless told the Washington Blade. “Get over it and support the whole gay community.”

Philip Deal, founder of Mr. Pole Dance America, told the LGBT publication that Buttigieg’s decision was “shameful.”

“This points to a bigger issue in the LGBT community which is young gay people don’t know our history and that’s a serious problem. LGBTQ people died for the right to walk into a bar, dance, and hold hands with their lovers without having to fear police brutality,” Deal said. “If Pete Buttigieg does not want to embrace our glorious gay culture, he doesn’t need the gay vote.”

The Rhode Island fundraiser was supposed to feature an appearance from Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten. The openly gay candidate disputed the idea that he was insensitive to “inclusive spaces.”

“Our commitment to LGBTQ+ spaces is strong and we always strive to hold events in inclusive spaces,” the Buttigieg campaign said in a statement. “Pete and Chasten know first-hand how important it is for members of the LGBTQ+ community to have a safe space to gather and our campaign would never do anything to intentionally disrespect such a space.”

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Pete Buttigieg Suffers His Own Version of Jeb Bush’s Infamous ‘Please Clap’ Moment

Democratic 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg had to instruct audience members to clap for him in an awkward moment on the campaign trail Tuesday. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, asked audience members at an Iowa campaign event if he “can look to you to spread that sense of hope to those that you know?”…

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Mayor Pete’s ‘Please Clap’ Moment

Former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg channeled Jeb Bush on Tuesday, pleading with a crowd of Iowans to support him with a “come on.” Bush memorably asked an audience of silent New Hampshire voters in 2016 to “please clap” for him.

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Warren Claims She Is Only Dem Candidate with Executive Branch Experience

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, currently running a distant third behind front-runner and former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, informed Iowa voters last week that she alone brings an “executive side” perspective to the race. “Let me remind you, I think I’m the only one who’s running…

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Exclusive — Iowa Poll: Biden in Free Fall Since Last Debate Before Caucuses

A poll of Iowa Democrats shows Biden in a free fall since the last debate before the upcoming caucuses, losing ground significantly from the day of the debate to three days afterward.

Fearing Senate Trial Schedule, Dem Senators Start Blitzing Early Voting States

As a winter storm barreled down on Iowa, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign team struggled with whether to scrap a town hall scheduled at the old Maytag headquarters. There was more than weather at play as the Massachusetts senator’s campaign monitored the forecast and called expected attendees to gauge their willingness to brave the snow and whipping…

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As Violent Crime Surged, Buttigieg Admin Lectured Cops on ‘Sizeism’

As Mayor Pete Buttigieg contended with skyrocketing crime rates in South Bend, Ind., the city’s police department trained officers to combat “sizeism” and “languageism,” according to newly revealed documents.

South Bend’s police department instituted a series of diversity and anti-discrimination training sessions in 2017. The training sessions took place as violent crime surged in the city, reaching the highest level in 20 years in 2018. The training extended far beyond the immediate issues facing the city and instead lectured cops on policing their own language to be sensitive to “isms.”

The training slides for one of the sessions contained a list of nefarious “isms” that allegedly perpetuate prejudice and power dynamics. The denounced “isms” include familiar issues such as racism and sexism along with such topics as “sizeism,” “languageism,” and “materialism.”

During his eight-year tenure as mayor, Buttigieg struggled with South Bend’s rising crime rate and the deteriorating relationship between the city’s police and black community. The city’s problems spilled into the national spotlight when a South Bend police officer fatally shot a black resident in June, forcing the mayor to leave the campaign trail and fly home.

The slides for one of the sessions urged officers to avoid the use of “ableist” terms, such as “hearing-impaired.”

“HEARING-IMPAIRED: an inappropriate term commonly used by hearing individuals referring to those who are Deaf,” one slide read. “Considered offensive; implying that their hearing is broken, and needs to be fixed.”

The South Bend Police Department did not respond to request for comment.

The training slides were first obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative-leaning government watchdog. Tom Fitton, the group’s president, said the mayor’s office had prioritized political ideology over public safety.

“These documents show how South Bend police under Mayor Buttigieg had to contend with politicized ‘training’ that had nothing to do with the public safety,” he said in a statement.

The training slides cited “Cumulative Perceptual Index theory” to explain the origins of bigotry and biases. A Google Scholar search of the term turned up no results of media or academic writing on the theory. Professional Consulting Associates, the consulting firm that created the slides, did not respond to requests for comments.

The presentation also addressed the Black Lives Matter movement. One slide, for example, supports the idea that police do not treat all races equally and alludes to an “all lives matter” mantra that BLM has condemned.

“Black lives do indeed matter, but no more, and certainly no less than the lives of every community within law enforcement’s jurisdictions,” the slide said. “The perceptual proof of that belief is unquestionably not universally present today because such a Vision is not yet universally shared by law enforcement.”

The training sessions took place as South Bend dealt with historically high violent crime rates that peaked in 2018, the latest full year of data available. Roughly 1,200 violent crimes occurred in the city of 102,000 residents. The growing crime rate was driven by a nearly four-fold increase in aggravated assault since Buttigieg assumed office. It is unclear what effect, if any, the diversity training sessions had in improving policing in the city.

The Buttigieg campaign did not respond to request for comment.

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Poll: Bernie Sanders Holds Solid Lead in New Hampshire

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is holding the lead in New Hampshire less than a month ahead of the state’s February 11 primary, according to a 7 News/Emerson College Poll released Thursday.

Democrat Debate: Candidates Vow to End America’s Energy Renaissance 

The six candidates at the Democrat debate on Tuesday vowed to put an end to America’s energy prosperity by ending production of oil and gas.

Watch: Pete Buttigieg Runs away from Reporters’ Questions in Spin Room

DES MOINES — Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg ran away from reporters’ questions in the spin room after the Democrat debate — again.

CNN Fails to Ask a Single Immigration Question During Democrat Debate

Moderators with CNN and the Des Moines Register failed to ask a single immigration-related question during the 2020 Democrat debate on Tuesday evening.

Democrats Debate: Warren and Sanders Talk Women and Electability

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sparred on Tuesday night over the question of electability, as Sanders denied having said that a woman could not win the presidency. Warren said on Monday that Sanders had told her in December 2018 that a woman could not be elected — while Sanders said the claim was “ludicrous.” […]

***Live Updates*** Democrats Debate in Iowa

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer, and Amy Klobuchar will debate in Iowa on Tuesday evening. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.