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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Rips into Religious Freedom: ‘License to Discriminate Against LGBTQ Folks’

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is vowing to fight a court’s ruling that upheld the right of wedding videographers to create videos in keeping with their faith beliefs about marriage.

Watch: Antifa Extremist Compares MAGA Hats to Swastikas

Independent filmmaker Michael Hansen has a new documentary out titled Killing Free Speech. In addition to highlighting illiberal values in Islam, the feature examines the rise of the violent extremist “Antifa” movement in the U.S., and support for it from top Democrats.

Omar on Border Patrol Agencies: Eliminate Their Existence

During an appearance on BET’s digital series “Black Coffee Live,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) claimed border patrol agents were terrorizing immigrants and said Congress should have a conversation about eliminating border patrol and enforcement agencies.

Marc Lamont Hill, who was fired as a CNN commentator after he publicly called for the destruction of the state of Israel during a speech to the United Nations, is the main host of the morning digital show. He asked Omar about the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border.

Referring to the border patrol and immigration officials as “rogue agencies,” Omar said the organizations tasked with defending the southern border and processing illegal immigrants operate with “no accountability, no transparency in how they conduct their business.”

On Tuesday, the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security, the agency’s independent watchdog, released a report detailing the squalid conditions occurring at overcrowded migrant centers at the southern border.

“We know they have certain views on what black or brown people deserve,” Omar said in reference to recent reports of a Facebook group of retired and active border patrol officers which included racist and derogatory images and jokes about illegal immigrants and some Democratic lawmakers.

The acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan strongly criticized the reports and said he had launched an immediate investigation into the Facebook group. He also made clear that any individual making the aforementioned jokes “do not represent the men and women of the Border Patrol,” and are “completely unacceptable.”

During the interview, Omar after criticizing the immigration and border patrol officials went on to call for the complete elimination of their agencies.

“We should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence. Reforming the agencies that deal with our most vulnerable,” Omar said.

She then went on to allege the border patrol agents are terrorizing immigrants illegally crossing the Mexican-American border when they are taken into custody by the agency.

“We are continuing to allow for them to terrorize people who are running away from the most horrific circumstances,” Omar added.

Omar, who has faced her own scrutiny for anti-Semitic remarks, also praised her Congressional predecessor, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, in her interview with Hill calling Ellison a leader on progressive issues. Hill and Ellison have both faced accusations of anti-Semitism due to their close allegiance with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

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Anti-Semites Abroad: Ellison and Corbyn Meet in London

Former congressman Keith Ellison met with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday, with the American praising the Brit as a “true grassroots organizer.” Both men have ties to anti-Semitic leaders in their respective countries and have themselves been accused of anti-Semitism.

Ellison belonged to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam in the 1990s, leaving the organization when he ran for Congress in 2006. Farrakhan has in the past decried Jewish leaders in America as “the synagogue of Satan,” adding “you have wrapped your tentacles around the U.S. government, and you are deceiving and sending this nation to hell.” Upon becoming Democratic Party chairman in 2016, Ellison said that he had severed ties with the anti-Semitic organization.

But subsequent reporting from the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Caller revealed that Ellison attended at least three meetings with Farrakhan since entering Congress. Ellison met with Farrakhan and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in a private dinner party in September 2013, along with other prominent American Muslims. Ellison met with Farrakhan two more times, once in the Nation of Islam leader’s hotel room.

The National Council of Young Israel urged for Ellison’s resignation in 2018, citing his connections with Farrakhan as “a serious credibility problem.”

For his part, Corbyn associated with a motley collection of anti-Semites before his rise to prominence in 2015. He associated with Deir Yassin Remembered, an anti-Israel group that denies the Holocaust. He referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” in speeches. Additionally, he has defended the Anglican Reverend Stephen Sizer, who was banned from social media sites because he spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, calling Sizer courageous because he has “dared to speak out over Zionism.”

Corbyn has repeatedly apologized in the press for his past associations with anti-Semites, but as Labour’s relationship with British Jews worsens, some critics have called his apologies insincere.

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Ilhan Omar Comms Director: ‘Anti-Semitism Is a Right-Wing Force’

Jeremy Slevin, the senior communications director for freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.), claimed on Tuesday that “anti-Semitism is a right-wing force.”

Omar, who has made several anti-Semitic remarks, tweeted, “We cannot call out one form of hate while turning a blind eye to another.”

“Anti-semitism is a right-wing force Anti-semitism is a right-wing force Anti-semitism is a right-wing force Anti-semitism is a right-wing force Anti-semitism is a right-wing force Anti-semitism is a right-wing force Anti-semitism is a right-wing force,” Slevin said, quote-tweeting Omar’s tweet.

Conservatives  pushed back against Slevin, noting his boss’s past anti-Semitic comments, which prompted him to clarify that he was Jewish.

“I am Jewish and my family also fled Russia. I am well aware of Soviet persecution,” Slevin tweeted. “My tweet was referring to the United States (which I should have made clear). I also don’t view the Soviet Union as progressive in any meaningful way.”

Omar isn’t the first Minnesota member of Congress that Slevin has worked for who has been accused of being anti-Semitic. According to Linkedin, Slevin worked for former Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), who now serves as the attorney general of Minnesota, for about two years. Ellison admitted last year that “in the early 1990s” he had believed the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan “had some things I thought he had to offer.” He would then say later that he realized his views were “incompatible,” despite being together at least three times  in recent years, including a private meeting.

Farrakhan has been a lightning rod of controversy for several people in the Democratic Party who have associated with the minister besides Ellison, including the leaders of the Women’s March.

Farrakhan came to the defense of Omar last month shortly after she was pressured to apologize for a now-deleted tweet widely condemned as anti-Semitic, receiving backlash from Democratic colleagues, Jewish organizations, and even Chelsea Clinton.

“Ms. Omar from Somalia – she started talking about ‘the Benjamins’ and they are trying to make her apologize. Sweetheart, don’t do that. Pardon me for calling you sweetheart, but you do have a sweet heart. You sure are using it to shake the government up, but you have nothing to apologize for,” Farrakhan said. “Israel and AIPAC pays off senators and congressmen to do their bidding, so you’re not lying, so if you’re not lying. Stop laying down. You were sent there by the people to shake up that corrupt House.”

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Keith Ellison: ‘There Is Some Connection’ Between Trump, NZ Mosque Shooter

Appearing Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told anchor John Berman that the suspected New Zealand mosque gunman’s views on immigration “signals there’s some connection” with President Donald Trump.

Some Democrats Searching for Primary Challenger to Ilhan Omar

Some Democrats have had enough of the repeated antisemitism coming from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and intend to primary her out of office, several sources familiar with an effort to recruit a candidate to run against her tell Breitbart News.

Ilhan Omar Wants USA Powerlifting Investigated for Banning Biological Males from Competing in Women’s Events

If Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has her way, USA Powerlifting will soon find themselves under investigation for discrimination for preventing biological males from competing in women’s events.