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Tree burning from the inside out? Happens with lightning the experts say. Hmm. Direct energy.



Many say they have never seen molted metal from a fire.


And the conspiracy only gets deeper…

…And deeper.



Nephilim – REAL OR FAKE





Thoughts + Emotion = Attraction

law-of-attraction-workThe law of attraction works every hour, every second for you. But mostly it looks like the law of attraction works against you.

You become what you think about most of the time. That’s the reason why you should worry less and focus on the happy things of life more often. You cannot not think on something. Try it out. Please don’t think on a pink elephant with green dots on his side, a purple trunk and an ape on his back who is wearing a black silk hat.

Could you do it? Could you not think on this picture? Probably not. It’s just not possible to not think on a certain thing. When you want to avoid thoughts of a certain situation or a certain thing, the first thing you have to do is to create the image in your mind to tell you not to think on it.

The same thing happens, when you focus on things you don’t want to happen. Let’s say you are scared of making mistakes – by focusing on the intention to avoid mistakes you probably make more of them than ever before. You concentrate on the thing you want to avoid and your subconscious mind can only think in images. So what do you have to create when you focus on things you want to avoid? Correct – an image of it. An Image of the thing you want to avoid, of the scenario you will experience – for example you can see, hear and feel the situation when your boss is shouting at you once you made this mistakes – and guess what will happen?

law-of-attractionBut the other way around – your positive thoughts will create positive situations as well. Again, the law of attraction works in every second for you or against you. It´s your choice. But your positive thoughts will not create positive situations automatically. Thoughts alone mostly cause nothing at all. What gives them power are the feelings you have by thinking them. Thoughts without emotion have no power.

What happens when you think on the scenario where you make mistakes and make your boss angry – what happens with you? You are probably scared, you’re sweating, you feel bad and you have stomach ache… And your negative thoughts mixed with this negative emotions create the negative situation, because your subconscious mind start to makes you act according to your creation.

Same thing happens with positive thoughts who create positive emotions. So if you think about your dreams, do it with all your senses. If you want to have more time for yourself and your family – think about the situation you want to create. See yourself walking in a park with your family – see yourself laughing, feel the wind, smell the grass, fell the kiss of your partner, the love of your children, feel all the emotions you link with this moment. think in this instance and the law of attraction work for you.

This is essential for the positive influence – the law of attraction means – you attract what you think about most of the time AND what arouse strong emotions within yourself. So first of all – be aware of what you think and once you got it, mix the thoughts you really want to think with strong emotions and chances are very good that your dreams come true. Good luck for it.

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Learn how to break free emotionally using EFT tapping plus Matrix Reimprinting

monthly-eft-tappingDo you want to break free emotionally? Do you want to resolve traumas and negative memories from throughout your life even going back to childhood? Ever wondered how to apply EFT tapping, combined with advances like Matrix Reimprinting, to skyrocket your results with the Law of Attraction? Well, you have come to the right place. Caryl Westmore is an acclaimed intuitive healer, trained as a specialist in EFT Matrix Reimprinting. Her passion is sharing and teaching the powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques along with Matrix Reimprinting and the Law of Attraction principles so that you can: live your life in the flow of joy and happiness, attract abundance and financial prosperity, feel good, brimming with health and well being, enjoy great relationships with friends and family, find and keep a soul mate to love.

These are the dreams and goals that eluded Caryl herself for many years until she discovered the secrets of emotional freedom as described on her website and in her book, You Can Breakfree Fast three simple steps to Get Unstuck and Attract the Life you Love.

Like a virus on your computer, these negative memories and beliefs, planted in your subconscious by parents, siblings, teachers and many others, can be damaging your chances of finding happiness and emotional freedom as an adult. When you do EFT tapping and include Matrix Reimprinting, you can change your life dramatically. The result: emotional freedom plus a new vibration and ways of attracting and attaining success and fulfillment in your life.

You may want to know more about the origins of EFT tapping. Dr Roger Callahan, an American psychologist, discovered it by accident as a method of curing phobias instantly. He called it Thought Field Therapy. Later Stanford engineer and performance coach Gary Craig studied with Callahan and decided to simplify the method and call it Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT.

EFT is also referred to as energy tapping or psychological acupuncture because you are using fingers, not needles, to tap on the meridian of the body or acupuncture points. When doing EFT you tap on these various points while thinking of your problem, pain or challenge, physical or emotional. This helps release stuck energy and remove traumas that have been frozen in time in your subconscious or energy field to later cause illness, addictions, stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

All over the world thousands of doctors, psychologists, personal development coaches and therapists use or recommend EFT. As a coaching tool, Emotional Freedom Techniques have helped many sportsmen to improve performance with regards to their golf, tennis or other sports.

The practice of tapping on certain physical points and talking might look odd, but any laughter in a session is healing in itself. When a person is feeling helpless or hopeless they are willing to try anything, especially when they get good results.

Caryl is especially dedicated to helping coaches and healers to break free emotionally. A former journalist specializing in stories about healing mind, body and soul, Caryl studied psychology at university and then trained as a therapist of The Journey which uses inner child dialogue, hypnotherapy and NLP also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming to heal pain and trauma from the past. Caryl often uses these along with EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting for best results.

Caryl book and website contain many testimonies from clients she has worked with to improve their lives with regards to money, success, love and life purpose.

Can you do EFT Matrix Reimprinting by tapping on yourself? Most certainly, yes. But it is recommended that the first time you tap you do it with the support of an EFT therapist. This can be done with Caryl by telephone or Skype or in a workshop.

And then when it comes to applying the Law of Attraction to magnetize good things into your life, the clearing you have done of past negative issues and beliefs will give you a whole different vibration to attract your dreams and goals.

You can read Caryl blog, press releases and free information on her website, all related to breaking free emotionally; Emotional Freedom Techniques; Matrix Reimprinting; The Law of Attraction, etc. These truly are the way to permanently heal your past by changing old memories and then attract a new life of happiness, success and well being for the future.

Did you heard about Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT tapping? Learn more online!

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Gratitude Is All It Takes

ImageWe live in a world of contemplations. Yes… contemplations and plain old resurrections of memories that, for some reason, haunt our eyes even when we don’t want them to. Yet, toward the end of the year 2012, I was, um, blessed with breaking through the shell of a life I didn’t want – AT ALL – and was given a great blessing that led to what I call ‘magic’. And why do I call it magic? Because it’s my blog. lol


I received a promotion and transferred out of the place of work that I was once a slave to. No more backstabbers, misery, sorrow, people feeling sorry for themselves and yearning to express it at every chance they could get. Gratefulness is the key to opening up a venture that implores desires to become reality. The balcony view hasn’t changed, but the eyes looking out of it has. My experiences over the past few months since my absence from here, has been months of –almost- endless blessings. I found a power within me that transcends beyond the prayers I used to pray. Meaning, instead of praying, I ‘thank’. And whatever I ‘thank’, I receive again, more so, and more so. Amazing!

God rescued me from that sinister place of work. Thank you!!!

I even was in a commercial. LOL. It’s true. And am starting to write more, even receiving a potential contract. Interesting indeed.

I discovered our life’s go in intervals. If only I could say that to my dear friend in high school who killed himself because he thought his present interval was forever. I discovered that no one could prevent these intervals either. No matter how rich or powerful a man is; he cannot prevent a poor man from receiving great wealth as well.

Well…. That’s enough for now. Take care. 

The Tyrant Countdown Part 2 – The Escape From The First Grip

ImageFirst step’s completed! Scary!! It was strange too. After I made up my mind to step down and told them, then suddenly some ‘truths’ came poring out. Hidden ‘truths’ that I thought I was being paranoid about. It felt like I was in a confessional and was saying, “Dude, I don’t want to hear that.”  It seems –always follow your gut- that I was starting to be used as a scapegoat, and anything new that came on, they put it on me because they didn’t want to do the work themselves. Amazing!! Son-of-a… Since the first part’s completed, now I will begin the next part of my journey to ‘freedom’ and ‘happiness’.

I could always write, have been writing more since I began this blog. It’s like the writing monster in me that I have been denying food for so long is awake and happy. LOL. Anyway, I never thought that I would have to go back to school since I finished college. But, I’m going back to get a certificate in something that I will not reveal till I get that certificate, and ‘new job’. I don’t want to jinx it. Let me back up.

I was soooo nervous to step down. But I was given the courage, somehow, to do so yesterday. Where the heck did it come from? After a year in that hellish position, where did I finally get the… I know! No! I don’t want to know. But, for the sake of this blog, I think that everything began to lineup for that moment yesterday. That’s as far as I’m going with that right now. The tyrant just got too tyranty I guess. And I wanted, needed and finally had to break free from the first level of their control. God’s doing the rest, or maybe all of it. LOL. It’s true.

ImageWhat I learned is this; no one can control you unless you allow them. That there’s always a door to another door to another door that leads you farther away from the tyrants without them realizing you are going farther away from them. Very important. Tyrants need that control, and will start worrying if they see one of their slaves going farther from their grip. LOL. But, you can. If only I could tell you more about this. But I will say that this month I was given an opportunity to speak to another about my yearning for freedom, and he allowed me to step down without me having to go to the lead tyrant himself. Through all of this, it makes me wonder ‘how the heck did I get here in the first place?’ The answer is simple. Bad people. It’s unfortunate too, because I would have taken that company to a higher level, along with other good people who know that company through years of learning. Isn’t that sad? All because of tyrants, bad people and leaders who ironically don’t know a lot about the company, but only know a few things that they have to know as a boss.

I try not to feel pride. But, I am proud of myself for not changing for them. They wanted me to be mean, told me so too. They wanted me to fire people left and right for dumb reasons when I would tell them, “No!” Rather than firing them, I would talk to the workers and train them so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. But them, no, they wanted to abuse their power over and over again, fire people left and right just because they could. Within this year –without putting a spotlight over myself- I saved about 15 jobs! I’ll only admit that here. One guy, saving that many; good people too.

I wouldn’t change for them. That’s what I’m proud of. I did it!! I went into hell, was tempted, and came out the same good person I was when entering. Yet now I’m stronger than ever, a better leader, and more secured in knowing that a higher force has to –is- watching over us. I can even feel the weight lifting off of my back and shoulders, literally.

What’s the moral of this short and quick post? Hmmm. Follow your gut. There are always doors to lead you out of your negative situation, but sometimes you have to look for them, or, sometimes they will present themselves to you; so take it. It took me almost a year to see that door before me. But always have hope that it’s there. It has to be, that’s why nothing’s forever. DON’T question why you’re in the situation you’re in, but rather what you’ve learned after you are out of it. What you’ve learned is the reason why you were put into it in the first place! The answer comes while the question is created. But the answer isn’t important. The question is. And you’ll receive the answer after you are out of that situation. This makes sense to me. Take care.