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No Labor Shortage: 11M Americans Out of Work, but All Want Full-Time Jobs

There remain more than 11 million Americans who are out of work despite claims by the big business lobby of a so-called “labor shortage.”

India’s Visa Workers Lash Out at Dick Durbin for ‘Poison Pill’ in S.386 Talks

The leading lobbying group for India’s massive workforce in the United States is claiming that Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin has torpedoed closed-door talks with GOP Sen. Mike Lee.

House Approves Farmworker Amnesty, Promotes Visa Workers over Americans

Nearly all House Democrats, plus a group of 34 Republicans, voted Wednesday to approve an amnesty for illegal farmworkers and to outsource more of the nation’s farm workforce to cheap H-2A visa workers.

Wage Gains: Blue-Collars Beat White-Collars in Donald Trump’s Economy

Wages for blue-collar Americans are rising by 4.3 percent in 2019 — or 2.7 percent after inflation — in President Donald Trump’s tightening labor market, according to Goldman Sachs.

Univision Stumps DNC’s Tom Perez: How Can Dems Compete with Trump’s Record-Low Hispanic Unemployment?

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee tried to change the subject when he was asked on Spanish-language TV about Latino gains in President Donald Trump’s economy.

Donald Trump Teams Up with Kim Kardashian to Promote Second Chance Hiring for Inmates

President Donald Trump teamed up with reality star Kim Kardashian on Thursday to promote employment for former prison inmates.

California Farms Hike U.S. Wages, Increasingly Use Automation Thanks to Shortage of Foreign Workers

California farms are hiking wages for U.S. workers and increasingly relying on automation and robots thanks to a shortage of foreign workers in President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” economy.

Donald Trump Enforces Immigration Laws, So NYT Sides with Cheap-Labor Business

One of the New York Time’s white-collar reporters joined with business executives to lament President Donald Trump’s pressure on employers to hire blue-collar Americans and pay them decent wages.

NYT Boosts Investors’ Campaign for More Immigrant Workers, Consumers

The New York Times is touting a few city managers in hard-hit upstate New York who are hoping to rejuvenate their local economies by attracting a share of the many illegal and legal immigrants who enter the United States each year.

Americans Replaced by Foreign H-1Bs: ‘There’s No Shortage’ of U.S. Workers

Americans who have been laid off and forced to train their foreign H-1B visa replacements say there is “no shortage” of qualified U.S. workers for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) jobs.

Jared Kushner’s Immigration Plan Collides with Agriculture Industry

Jared Kushner’s effort to craft an immigration and wage compromise is reportedly being roiled by the Department of Agriculture’s effort to provide farming companies with many more low-wage visa workers.

Indiana Wages Are Rising amid Donald Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Immigration Policy

President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” economy is boosting the marketplace clout of restaurant staff in Indiana, much to the distress of dining critic Liz Biro.

Donald Trump’s Enemies, Friends Praise Embattled USCIS Chief

Supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump are rushing to defend Trump’s deputy at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Lee Francis Cissna. 

Exclusive–Kris Kobach: Surge of Illegal Immigration ‘Undercutting’ Trump’s Wage Hikes for Working Class

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says the flood of illegal immigrants arriving in the United States on a daily basis is “undercutting” President Trump’s “Hire American” economy by threatening to choke recent wage hikes for America’s blue collar and working class.