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Channel Patrols Should Immediately Return Illegals to France, Say Former Immigration Chiefs

Two former heads of British immigration agencies have said that British cutters should patrol French territorial waters in the English Channel and return illegal aliens to France before they get anywhere near Great Britain.

Analysis: Migrants Who Died in Lorry are Victims of Weak Borders and Callous People-Smugglers

The tragic deaths of 39 would-be illegal migrants from China in a refrigerator lorry trailer highlight the deadly side-effects of Britain’s lax border controls — and the criminal people-smugglers who take advantage of them. 

‘Record Number’ of Migrant Boats in English Channel, ‘Home Office Needs to Get a Grip’

The number of boats transporting illegal migrants to Britain appears to have hit a daily record, with HM Coastguard reporting it has assisted with 13 “incidents” off the Kent coast and a dinghy sighted off East Sussex. 

Hundreds of Illegal Migrants Pouring Across the English Channel

Illegal migrants are continuing to pour across the English Channel in small boats, with hundreds being brought to shore by the authorities even after being intercepted.

Calais: Dozens of Migrants Storm Ferry in ‘Co-ordinated Attack’ on UK Border

Dozens of migrants stormed a ferry in Calais, France, in a bid to break into Britain on Saturday night, in what police called a “co-ordinated attack” on the French docks.