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Communist China Believes Tesla Will Help It Take Over the Electric Car Industry

China’s state-run newspaper Global Times questions in a recent article whether Tesla’s new commitments in China will help the country to take over the electric car market, as Apple’s investment in Chinese factories helped it to dominate the smartphone manufacturing industry.

U.S. Treasury Secretary: Post-Brexit Trade Deal to Be Inked by End of Year

The Treasury Secretary of the United States, Steve Mnuchin, said that the Trump administration expects to sign a post-Brexit trade deal with the United Kingdom by the end of this year.

Buss: Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus Challenges CEOs to Fight U.S. Flirtation with Socialism

Dale Buss writes for Chief Executive Group that Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus is warning American CEOs to protect the business community and the U.S. economy overall by actively fighting creeping socialist thinking in the country:

President Trump on Elon Musk: ‘One of Our Great Geniuses’

In an interview with CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Donald Trump praised Tesla CEO Elon Musk stating that he is “one of our very smart people, and we want to cherish those people.”

Philadelphia May Cut Subsidies to UPenn for Not Paying Minimum Wage

The prestigious University of Pennsylvania may lose $1.2 million in public subsidies from Philadelphia over its refusal to pay the city’s mandated $15.00 minimum wage to entry-level security staffers.

Bokhari: Leftists Are Learning that Big Tech Already Has a ‘Social Credit’ System

More left-wing journalists are waking up to the fact that unaccountable Silicon Valley corporations are ranking Americans with a system that bears a growing resemblance to China’s totalitarian “social credit” system — almost a year after Breitbart Tech pointed out the same thing.

Media Reports: Expanded Security Travel Ban Includes Nigeria, Diversity Lottery

President Donald Trump is preparing to widen his travel ban to include a broader range of countries — and to expand the penalties for countries that do not update their airline security measures.

Trump at Davos: EU More Difficult to do Business With Than China, UK Will Come Out Great From Brexit Negotiations

President Trump has condemned the EU’s protectionism, remarking Boris Johnson had “guts” in taking on the continental power bloc.

EU Who? UK Employment Rate Reaches Record High in Run Up to Brexit

The economy of the United Kingdom has once again refused to conform to the doom and gloom prophecies of anti-Brexit economists, posting record job numbers ahead of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.