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Donald Trump Jr. Urges Conservatives to Hold Democrats in Trump Districts Accountable over Impeachment

Donald Trump Jr. is calling on the conservative movement to take action by calling Democrats in Trump districts who are iffy on impeachment, urging conservatives to “tell them this will NOT STAND” and that “you’ll remember in Nov!”

31 Trump District Democrats Will Decide Impeachment’s Fate in House

Two of them already voted against the partisan impeachment push by their own party’s leadership and are expected to again, but the fate of articles of impeachment rests in the hands of the 31 Democrats who represent districts won by President Donald Trump in 2016.

Red State Senate Democrats Not Yet Convinced They Will Vote to Convict Trump on Articles of Impeachment

If the House passes Articles of Impeachment against Trump, setting up a U.S. Senate trial, there is no guarantee Democrats will be unified behind convicting him.