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CNN Attacks Trump for ‘Doctored’ Image of Schumer and Pelosi in ‘Muslim Attire’

CNN criticized President Donald Trump on Tuesday for retweeting what it called a “doctored” image of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in “Muslim attire” in front of an Iranian flag.

50,000 Legal Firearms Confiscated in New Zealand ‘Buyback’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – New Zealand authorities said Saturday their country will be a safer place after owners handed in more than 50,000 guns during a buyback program following a ban on assault weapons. But critics say the process was flawed and many owners have illegally stashed their firearms.

Gang Lures Men from Grindr to Rob, Urinate On, Call Victim ‘White Man Responsible for Attacks on Muslims’

A gang in Birmingham, England, has been convicted for luring homosexuals to a public park using the Grindr app, where they were robbed, urinated on, and in once case told they deserved to be victimised for being a “white man responsible for attacks on Muslims in New Zealand.”

John Legend: ‘The President Regularly Inspires Killers’

Grammy-winning singer John Legend appeared to place blame for the string of deadly mass shootings across the country in the past 24 hours at the feet of President Donald Trump, saying Sunday “he is a part of the problem.”

New Zealand Gun Owners Forced to Hand In Firearms, Shortchanged by ‘Buyback’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – Dozens of Christchurch gun owners on Saturday handed over their weapons in exchange for money, in the first of more than 250 planned buyback events around New Zealand after the government outlawed many types of semi-automatics.

Report: Suspected CA Synagogue Gunman Called Trump ‘Jew-Loving, Anti-White, Traitorous C*cksucker’ in Manifesto

A 19-year-old man suspected of carrying out the deadly shooting at a San Diego-area synagogue on Saturday appears to have published an antisemitic and anti-Trump manifesto online, according to several reports.

New Zealand: ‘No Evidence’ for Sri Lanka Claim Jihad Was Revenge for Christchurch

Officials from other nations are disputing, or at least declining to support, Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene’s contention that the Easter Sunday terrorist bombings in his country, which killed 359 people as of the latest count, were intended as retaliation for the shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March.

Obama, Clinton, Democrats Denounce Attacks on ‘Easter Worshippers,’ Not ‘Christians’

Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats — including 2020 presidential contender Julián Castro — could not bring themselves to identify the victims of the attacks as “Christians,” calling them “Easter worshippers” instead in eerily similar responses.

China: Muslim ‘Re-Education’ Camps Needed to Prevent Another New Zealand Massacre

The Chinese government took its latest swing at justifying re-education camps for Muslims, and aggressive efforts to subdue all religious faith, in a letter to the Wall Street Journal published Tuesday.

‘Morally Bankrupt, Pathological Liars’: Facebook Slammed by New Zealand Privacy Chief

New Zealand’s top government-appointed privacy official has described Facebook as “morally bankrupt” and urged his country to follow Australia’s lead by enacting laws that could jail social media executives for allowing live streaming of violence such as was seen during the Christchurch mosque attack last month.

Greece Angered by Erdogan’s Proposal to Turn the Hagia Sophia into a Mosque

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed converting the fabled Hagia Sophia into a mosque on Sunday. The Greek government responded with anger on Monday, pointing out that the Hagia Sophia was the seat of Greek Orthodox Christianity for centuries and has been designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.

New Zealand Bans Christchurch Shooter Manifesto, Orders Citizens to Destroy Copies

New Zealand has banned possession of the Christchurch mosque shooter’s manifesto, and ordered citizens to destroy any copies they may possess. The Country’s “Chief Censor” says the manifesto “promotes murder and terrorism.”

NZ Debates Free Speech Limits, Long Prison Terms for Downloading Christchurch Manifesto

DUNEDIN, New Zealand (AP) – New Zealanders are debating the limits of free speech after their chief censor banned a 74-page manifesto written by the man accused of slaughtering 50 people at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

Prague Imam Tells Muslims to Arm Themselves, ‘Especially Men’

An Islamic preacher in Prague has come under severe criticism after telling Muslims they should equip themselves with weapons following the Christchurch attack in New Zealand.

New Zealand Broadcasts Islamic Call to Prayer Nationwide, PM Dons Hijab

New Zealand is commemorating the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings by broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer nationwide during a minutes’ silence, with the Prime Minister and many other non-Muslims donning veils for the occasion.