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Wendy Williams Apologizes After Critics Slam Her For Mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s Cleft Lip Scar

Wendy Williams is apologizing after her recent insensitive comments about Joaquin Phoenix landed her in hot water!

In case you missed it, the 55-year-old made fun of a scar the Joker actor has above his lip on last week’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

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During the “Hot Topics” segment, Wendy went from praising Joaquin’s “oddly attractive” appearance to poking fun at his cleft lip for… cheap laughs? Who knows.

After noting his memorable performance as Johnny Cash alongside Reese Witherspoon in Walk The Line, the host added:

“He knows how to transform, when he shaves [his beard] off, the way he looks at you. And he’s got the good nose that dips way down, like he’s happy with it and so am I. When he shaves off his mustache, he’s got a hairline fracture, he’s got one of those — what do you call it? Cleft lip, cleft palate.”

She paused to actually lift her upper lip before continuing:

“He’s got this. I find it to be very attractive.”

Yikes… / (c) Wendy Williams/YouTube

We know Williams loves to stir the pot with her hot takes, but this was not a good look, at all!

While Joaquin has not publicly responded to the jab, plenty of others have slammed the talk show host for engaging in such hurtful and offensive behavior.

We should mention, Phoenix has never said he had a cleft lip or palate. In an October 2019 Vanity Fair profile, it was reported that his scar was “not a surgically fixed cleft, he says, but a nonsurgical scar he was born with.”

People are pissed…

Cher, who is an ally to the cleft palate community, was quick to rip Wendy a new one on Twitter!

Replying to a fan who shared several pictures of the singer with fans who live with the abnormality, she wrote:


The controversial comments also caught the attention of Canadian football player Adam Bighill, whose baby boy Beau just underwent cleft palate repair surgery. The athlete, for his part, appeared to denounce Williams as a bully:

“Waiting for an apology and donation from @WendyWilliams and since we are still waiting, this campaign has gone viral. This campaign/message is all centered around one thing we all agree on, bullying is awful. Thank you all for being a part of the difference #end bullying”

Wendy’s Remorse…

After those and countless other angry complaints online, Wendy then issued an apology which reads:

“We’re thinking about Beau today as he is in surgery. I want to apologize to the cleft community and in Beau’s honor, our show is donating to @operationsmile and @AmerCleftPalate and encourage our Wendy Watchers to learn more and help support the cleft community.”

Okay. So, not only is she sorry, but she put her money where her mouth is, too. Commendable, right? Of course, we’re sure those organizations would’ve still appreciated the monetary donation without the extra dramatics on last week’s show.

To that point, Cher was not pleased and continued her tirade against the former shock jock and tweeted:


The 73-year-old pop legend was not ready to back down, either, with another tweet seen HERE.

Meanwhile, Bighill has publicly accepted the star’s apology and wrote:

“Thank you @WendyWilliams for your apology, your donation, and for thinking of Beau today for his surgery. I forgive you, and I encourage others to as well. I wish you all the best.”

Where do YOU stand, Perezcious readers? Do YOU forgive Wendy? Let us know by sounding OFF in the comments section (below)!

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The REAL Reason Adele Lost All The Weight!

We knew Adele had been slimming down over the years, but it wasn’t until recently it hit us just how far she’d come on her weight loss journey.

While the Skyfall singer was celebrating the New Year on vacay with pals Harry Styles and James Corden, she met a teenage fan named Lexi Larson who gushed about the encounter, sharing:

“She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it’s such a crazy positive experience. She seemed so happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed really confident.”

That’s right. Adele is now a whole C-note lighter! That’s wild, right?

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According to a source speaking to People, the gradual transformation is due to a stricter diet and regular workouts of cross-training and full-body Pilates, some of which she has actually shared on social media over the years, always with a hilariously anguished face.

View this post on Instagram

getting ready…

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Toronto, ON / Oct 4

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But the source wants to caution this was not about body sculpting for Adele at all:

“It’s easy to just focus on her physical transformation, but this is really about something bigger.”

For some folks image is everything, but there definitely is something more important — her health! The insider explains:

“She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mom possible.”

And there it is. The big inspiration for the change in Adele’s fitness regime wasn’t posing in gowns on the red carpet or looking sexy in music videos. It was about being in her son’s life as much as possible.

Any parent will tell you, it takes a lot of energy to raise a child, and you need to stay as healthy as you can if you want to keep up with them. They also get you thinking about how to stay around as long as possible, and that means getting healthy. For some people that also means losing weight.

Another big life change Adele implemented? Less alcohol. The source details:

“Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has really how been all about how she can be healthier and how can she treat her body better. It was never about losing weight. Her weight loss happened because she has cut down drinking and is eating more real food.”

However, the insider admits Adele is LOVING the way she looks. )Hey, who isn’t??)

“But she now loves her physical transformation too. She is more confident, dresses differently and she just seems happier overall.”

The source also says the songstress is “happy and excited about the future.” So are we — especially since we hear there’s new Adele music coming soon in it!

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Priyanka Chopra Has Never Seen Nick Jonas’ ‘Camp Rock’ — WHUT?!!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the world’s hottest couples of all time, and we just LOVE seeing how much they are perpetually in the honeymoon phase.

But their love story might not have happened if not for one very specific artistic choice on Nick’s part.

In a new interview, Priyanka opens up the couple’s doors to Harper’s Bazaar, telling them all about their life together — and lets slip some very tasty tidbits along the way!

Photos: Nickyanka Celebrate Their One-Year Anniversary

First, talking about how her hunky hubby has become part of her daily routine, she says:

“The first thing I do in the morning is put on music. My life has always been pretty musical, and now with Nick it’s completely musical.”

Awww, that’s sweet. Then out of nowhere, she reveals:

“I decided to date him after seeing the video for Close, where his shirt comes off. So that song is my favorite.”

Ha! We’d say “same” but if we’re being honest we decided to date Nick Jonas long, long before that. But the scissoring with Tove Lo definitely sealed the deal for us! Ha!

Nick Jonas and Tove Lo in the Close video
We don’t know what page of the Kama Sutra this is, but we’re in! / (c) Nick Jonas/YouTube

We can’t blame Priyanka at all. Sure, he was a sweet guy when they talked at that Met Gala, but watching that vid she learned he had another side to him. And a front. And a back. LOLz!

If YOU want to relive the super sexy video for Close, we totally understand…

However, it was while discussing the couple’s movie nights that Pri let the most shocking fact slip:

“I hate watching movies I’m in; all I see are the faults. But I’m happy to watch Nick’s. I’ve never seen Camp Rock, and everyone makes fun of me about that, so maybe soon we’ll have a Camp Rock viewing party. I bet it will be great.”

WOW! Whut??

The 2008 Disney classic may be a touch after Priyanka’s time (remember she’s ten years older than Nick), but how has she not done her homework and seen it since they got together??

She’s actually totally due. As she explains:

“We play a lot of music before bed. Nick and I didn’t really know that much about each other’s careers before we came into each other’s lives. So we used to do a show-and-tell at night where it would be like, ‘This is my first song!’ or ‘This is my first movie!’ or ‘This is the first song I wrote myself,’ things like that. And actually that’s how we’re still getting to know each other.”

And somehow he kept Camp Rock from her?? How could he?!

That means she never made him sing Introducing Me to her! Well, something tells us that’s going to change soon… Ha!

When did YOU decide you would date a Jonas??

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Jillian Michaels Doubles Down On Her Lizzo Comments: ‘We’ve Gone So Far To Glamorize Obesity’

Jillian Michaels isn’t about to sugarcoat it for you: she will never, ever celebrate Lizzo’s body.

The fitness expert sat down with Billy Bush on Monday’s Extra’s and attempted to clear the air on her controversial comments about the Juice singer. As we reported, the 45-year-old gave a hot take on the public’s celebratory stance about the plus-size singer’s body, arguing on BuzzFeed’s show AM to DM:

“Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter? Why aren’t we celebrating her music? ‘Cause it isn’t gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes.”

The remark sparked instant backlash, with many critics accusing Jillian of body-shaming the songstress.

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While The Biggest Loser made sure to clarify her comments during Monday’s chat with Bush, she also doubled down on her initial point: that being overweight, in her opinion, isn’t something we should be celebrating.

Adding more context to how the comments came up, she explained:

“Here’s the reality… [the discussion] was actually about The Biggest Loser and does that show work today, and I said I don’t think so, because I think the world has become so PC that we’ve gone so far to glamorize obesity and… I think this is where things can become unsafe, that we’re denying the reality of certain health ramifications.”

Michaels went on to dish there are “two different narratives” we can subscribe to:

“One narrative is love yourself, value yourself, and — by the way — only from this place can you be healthier, mentally, physically… believe in your worth and believe in your ability, but where this comes into play, right, you’re weight, your size, whatever you want to call it, is your health, and denying that there are serious health ramifications when we are overweight is just not a lie I’m willing to tell.”

While the fitness star wouldn’t budge on her stance, she did admit she regrets personally targeting Lizzo instead of making the conversation about the apparent obesity glamorization epidemic in general.

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When asked what she would say to the Grammy nominee, Michaels said:

“Well, first of all, she didn’t invite this at all and what I really regret is this argument became about a person and what happened was I was asked if I celebrate her being overweight and I should have said, ‘I don’t celebrate anyone being overweight,’ and I don’t know what would I say to her. I’m a huge fan, which is exactly what I said in the interview…. Unfortunately, a human being was attached to a case that I was making. I wish that I would have responded that I don’t celebrate anyone being overweight.”

That includes herself. She explained:

“I happen to be one of them. I was an overweight kid… 175 pounds at five foot one… So when I tell you I understand this, I understand this from a 360-degree perspective… Are we all built the same? No, I’m built with a slower metabolism, it just means I gotta to eat a little bit less, I gotta move a little more… Nevertheless, no matter how you look at it… I’m simply saying it’s extremely unhealthy and obesity is the number one contributor to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, which are the number one things to kill Americans — this is a fact.”

And she wonders why people prefer to subscribe to Lizzo’s lighter, self-love narrative…

What do U think about Jillian’s comments, Perezcious readers?

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Please Drool Over Ethan Suplee’s Beef-tastic Body Transformation!

New decade, new and VERY improved Ethan Suplee!

Most fans will remember the My Name is Earl alum as the bulky bully Frankie Stechino in Boy Meets World or the big-as-a-house high school football player Louie Lastik in Remember the Titans.

But fans are shocked to see that time has been very kind to the 43-year-old actor, who has apparently traded his baby fat for python arms and a chest he could bench press his former self with!

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As seen in Ethan’s recent Instagram pics (below), he’s lost most of his body fat and bulked up beyond recognition. Reddit users noticed his transformation on social media this week and were stunned by how different he looks, leaving comments like:

“Doesn’t even look like the same guy!”

“Holy f**kin s**t. I loved his dopey a** in ‘my name is earl’ [and] he looks like he liquefied randy into a protein shake and chugs it before working out for 6 hrs a day.”

While this transformation may have seemed to take place overnight, Ethan’s fitness journey has actually been a decade-long process.

Ethan Suplee Santa Clarita Diet
Ethan in the most recent season of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’. / (c) Netflix

Not long after appearing on My Name is Earl from 2005 to 2009, the actor started losing weight — and had dropped more than 200 lbs by the time he appeared on the red carpet to promote the film Unstoppable in 2010.

The American Glutton podcast host told EW in 2017:

“After My Name Is Earl, I started obsessively riding bicycles. I actually did get properly thin at one point — I was nine percent body fat. But I was also riding a bicycle six to eight hours a day, six days… After two years of that, my wife said, “Hey, idiot, you can’t retire and ride bicycles. You have to go get a job.’”

Only there was a small problem: he looked so different by that point, casting director’s didn’t even recognize him, causing him to have trouble booking roles.

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So, he decided to put back on some weight by bulking up. In recent years, he’s appeared in Santa Clarita Diet, The Ranch, and the film Motherless Brooklyn — and you probably didn’t even recognize him!

Reintroduce yourself to the new and improved Ethan Suplee (below)!

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Adele Says She Lost ‘Like 100 Pounds’ During Chat With A Fan While On Vacation!

It’s a New Year and a brand spanking new Adele!

The 31-year-old has really been turning heads ever since she debuted a noticeably slimmer appearance in recent months, with many wondering just how the songstress managed to achieve the dramatic, fresh look.

Well, the Grammy winner gave one fan the surprise of a lifetime when she casually struck up a conversation with them about her weight-loss journey while vacationing in Anguilla!

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The singer, born Laurie Blue Adkins, was spotted living her best life on the Caribbean island with fellow Brits Harry Styles and James Corden as the group recently rang in 2020 together.

Amid all the fun and shenanigans on their tropical holiday getaway, Adele and the One Direction crooner happened to cross paths with 19-year-old Lexi Larson from Hingham, Massachusetts.

The young woman dished all about her insane celebrity encounter to People, starting from the moment she and her friends saw them during dinner at Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack on January 3:

“A few minutes later, Adele came over and sat down next to me and my friend and was like, ‘So what can I do for you girls?’ We were so excited. We were talking to her for a little while, and then she got Harry Styles to come over and sit with us also. We took a picture with Harry, and we talked to them for 15 minutes probably.”

Larson, who is a psychology student at Elon University, says they “talked about life and college and what me and my friend wanted to do.”

“They were more asking us questions. It was a really positive experience. It was really cool.”

Additionally, the college student told the outlet she and her friends almost didn’t recognize the 21 singer due to her completely revamped look. So, how did we go from casual chitchat to the topic at hand?

Apparently, the starlet must’ve been an open book as Larson revealed:

“She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it’s such a crazy positive experience. She seemed so happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed really confident.”


So, pic or it didn’t happen, right?? Come on, it’s 2020! You know how this goes!

It turns out Adele declined to take a photo because her seven-year-old son Angelo — whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki — was also there:

“She said no because she didn’t want a lot of paparazzi at the moment or anything to get too crazy with her kid.”


Either way, we’re just glad to hear more positive reports about the entertainer’s visibly healthier lifestyle — we love to see it!

We’re also excited to see what other new developments are in store for her this coming year. Multiple sources recently told People that Adele is prepared to release new music sooner than later. As one source put it:

“She is definitely getting ready both mentally and physically to promote new music. It seems it will happen later this year. She talks about last year as a very difficult year, and she’s said in the past that creating new music is almost like therapy. You can tell that she is ready to share with her fans.”

Perezcious readers, what do U think of this fun story and what would U have done in a similar situation? Also, thoughts on these two UK natives spending so much time together lately?

Let us know in the comments!

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Sarah Hyland & ‘Modern Family’ Co-Stars Get REAL About Growing Through Puberty Changes On TV

Can you believe it has been 11 years since Modern Family first premiered?

So much has changed since the ABC comedy sitcom aired its pilot episode back in 2009, especially for co-stars Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, and Nolan Gould who were still very young when they were originally cast for the show.

On Wednesday night, the group of actors each had a lot to say about their experience growing up in the public eye during the 2020 Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, California.

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It’s no surprise that Modern Family‘s anniversary would bring up some interesting old stories. Heck, most child actors probably have a mouthful to say about their early years in the limelight.

Gould, who portrayed Luke Dunphy, kicked off things off by opening up about how puberty hit him harder than it did any of the KarJenners in the last decade (sorry, we had to!). He admitted:

“There’s definitely one season for me where I hit puberty right before we went on break. So when I came back, I had completely changed, but like, not quite enough past…my voice was, like, cracking. It is kind of strange having those years broadcasted to millions of people. It’s like your home movies but for everyone to see.”

Despite his insecurities, the 21-year-old continued he felt “lucky” to have such a supportive fanbase through it all:

“We feel like family to everyone that watches the show. I got nothing but support from our own family, our TV family and all our fans out there that it was pretty easy to transition through those years.”

The Ladies Weigh In…

Meanwhile, Winter, who played the star’s on-screen sister named Alex Dunphy, argued her personal experience was a bit more challenging than her peer described:

“I think it’s difficult for any child actor, though that’s a really hated-on term, but for any child actor to grow up on TV in front of millions of people because millions of people then think they know you and they think they know you really well and think they can comment on everything you wear or everything you do or how you grow up and change.”

She went on to recall a particularly painful stretch of time where she let remarks about her body’s natural physical transformation really get to her:

“I do have to say it was a really awkward year for me because I also went through puberty that summer. So it was, like, we had episodes with me in braces, and then over the summer once we wrapped, I had other things. But I still wasn’t fully through puberty like Nolan, so I had things. It was awkward. I definitely think it’s really difficult to grow up in front of those people who have an opinion on everything you do and who are allowed to say it at any point.”

Chiming in with support for her fellow female co-star, 29-year-old Hyland argued that “It’s probably easier” for young men in the biz than it is for young women.

See, the Haley Dunphy portrayer is the oldest of the bunch and started the show at age 18 after she already went through her developmental growth spurt.

But even still, the starlet said she still looks back on certain “cringeworthy” seasons with disdain for her appearance:

“So I cannot stand, I think it’s season four or five, because I had very bad Prednisone face and I gained like 30 pounds. And that for me was something that Ariel and I were, I think, going through around the same time, where she got her things—that’s what you said right? She got things and stuff, and I had another thing, but not as fun. But people really love to attack women especially, and I think Ariel is such an amazing woman and has always been so mature and handles it with such grace and poise, and I think between the two of us, we really have gone and tackled them with all of our spice and wit.”

Winter also added how her perspective towards “keyboard trolls” and their negative comments shifted over time:

“I’d respond back and be salty to somebody who is salty to me or I’d respond back and try and be nice about it and hope that maybe their day goes better. But then, as I got older, I developed a thicker skin and I said to myself, ‘You know, it’s going to bother me because it never goes away, but you’re still human.’ But at the same time, you just gotta remember that these people online – what they’re saying – it’s not your opinion of yourself.”

Ugh. The price of early fame is too real.

We’re glad to hear these talented group actors didn’t let the opinions of others take them down in the long run!

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Influencer Emma Chamberlain Says She Is NOT An Influencer! Wait, What?

Whatever you do, don’t call YouTuber Emma Chamberlain an “influencer”!

Speaking to Cosmopolitan in a cover interview for the mag’s February 2020 issue, the budding internet sensation opened up about her complicated relationship with the term “influencer,” being that she is one herself and, at the same time, finds it “kind of disgusting.”

The 18-year-old California native, who has a cool 8.5 million followers and counting on Instagram, explained:

“If someone is calling me an influencer, they’re saying that my job is to influence, and I don’t think that’s true. I prefer to entertain and be a friend. I don’t want to influence.”

Umm… if your entertainment and friendship has an effect on people, then you are, by definition, influencing them, gurl.

But let’s not get hung up on semantics!

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The influ… ahem, *internet exhibitionist* went on to discuss the importance about not taking herself too seriously. She explained:

“I mean, I make fun of YouTubers and I am one. I think of it as, Why not play into it? If you can’t beat them, join them?”

That’s the spirit!

Chamberlain has had quite the wide ride to internet superstardom: she uploaded her first video to her YouTube channel in 2017 and, in the years since, has garnered over 8 million subscribers and nearly 1 billion total views.

But, of course, she’s also had to deal with her personal struggles, like mental health and body image issues.

She said of the toxic, body-obsessed culture of El Lay, where she creates content:

“It’s a bloodbath. Living in L.A., if you’re at an unhealthy weight, that’s normal. That’s really, really, really a mindf**k, for sure.”

That’s why she’s setting herself apart from other influencers by refusing to advertise weight-loss products or anything of the sort.

Chamberlain explained:

“Like, your grind is your grind, and I’m not going to get in the way of that. I just think that growing up on social media gave me eating issues as a kid. I literally have struggled with that my whole life. Almost every person I’ve met has had some form of an eating disorder. I mean, I’ve had… I don’t want to trigger anyone, but so many.”

The social star also recalled her issues with body dysmorphia and the negative effects of face-editing apps like Facetune, explaining:

“I’ve been fully not at a healthy weight and I thought I was obese multiple times. It’s awful. My whole family was telling me I looked terrible. They were like, ‘You look like you’re dying.’ I was like, ‘I think I look great.’”

Thankfully, the teen has since given up using “photo manipulation software,” because her fans don’t “need to think I look like that. I look the way I look.”

If you ask us, she looks pretty stunning on the cover of Cosmo (below)!

Would U consider her an influencer, Perezcious readers?

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Lizzo Fans LOSE IT After Jillian Michaels Suggests The Singer Might Get Diabetes

Okay, we’re beginning to understand why Lizzo needed a break from the interwebs for a bit…

Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels came under fire on Wednesday for making a very controversial comment on BuzzFeed‘s AM to DM show where she seemed to fat shame the Truth Hurts singer.

The drama started when host Alex Berg praised the songstress and others who promote body positivity and self-acceptance, but the 45-year-old Biggest Loser star countered to get this sentiment off of her chest:

“Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter? That’s what I’m saying. Like why aren’t we celebrating her music? ‘Cause it isn’t gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes.”

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In a follow-up comment, she continued:

“I’m just being honest. I love her music, my kid loves her music. But there’s never a moment where I’m like, ‘I’m so glad that she’s overweight.’ Like why do I even care? Why is it my job to care about her weight?”


So, as a fitness and health enthusiast, it’s not your job to care about the entertainer’s weight, yet you felt the need to make such a tone-deaf comment like that?

This is… bad. We’re just going to call it right now. But of course, we’ll let you make your own informed decision.

WATCH her explain it all in the clip (below):

Unsurprisingly, the harsh remarks were immediately met with backlash!

Tons of social media users accused Michaels of perpetuating inaccurate stereotypes and fat-shaming Lizzo, who recently took a hiatus from Twitter over internet trolls and bullying.

Read through what critics had to say after Jillian’s video started going viral:

We guess it’s worth noting that later on in the taped conversation, Michaels explained she just doesn’t want people “glorifying obesity.” Buzzfeed also posted the full version of their chat with her to provide viewers a bit more context to her claims.

Again, there’s a big difference here between what she argued and what people actually love about the Jerome singer. You know, like her ability to spread love, put on engaging and energetic shows, and inspire her fans daily by unapologetically being herself?

The fitness personality later returned to the online platform to address the controversy.

In full, her message read:

“As I’ve stated repeatedly, we are all beautiful, worthy and equally deserving. I also feel strongly that we love ourselves enough to acknowledge there are serious health consequences that come with obesity—heart disease, diabetes, cancer to name only a few. I would never wish these for ANYONE and I would hope we prioritize our health because we LOVE ourselves and our bodies.”

Uh, okay. So, not exactly an apology. In fact, it sounds more like she doubled down on those sentiments but threw in a few “love ourselves” to make it seem better?

Perezcious readers, what do U think about these comments? Lizzo’s offline so we probably won’t hear from her about this but we need U to sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments section (below)!

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Adele’s New Vacation Photos With Harry Styles Have Fans Divided!

Adele is living her best life, but people are concerned!!

The 31-year-old was snapped with fellow Brits Harry Styles and James Corden in Anguilla this week, and while some fans have speculated about a potential romance between the former One Direction member and the songstress, others are worried about her size.

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As you may recall, the Rolling in the Deep singer first debuted her svelte figure at pal Drake‘s birthday bash in October, and has only continued to turn heads at later events and get-togethers. However, these new tropical photos (see them HERE) have some concerned about her health.

Right now, Twitter is divided into several camps. Many are excited that the newly single musician is living her best life:

“Adele is out here being happy and living her best life. It’s what she deserves.”


Adele swimming in the ocean in her dress with a cocktail in hand is all I need for my 2020 vision board

Naturally, there are some focused on a potential love line or musical collaboration between Harry and Adele:


can we imagine the power if harry styles and adele collaborated i mean imagine the range of the vocals the writing of that song the British royalty in the music the power that they exhibit separately can we imagine their energy together??


But Twitics are also vocalizing concerns about her size:

“wait adele looks way too skinny here should we get worried?”

“IS THIS ADELE ?!?! someone feed her pls she looks so skinny and not really that healthy …. we should be worrying about her omg”

here comes another episode of adele trending because of her weight. we really do live in a f**ked up society huh.

Many have noted that the singer was subject to body-shaming when she weighed more. It seems she just can’t win!! As long as she’s healthy, who are we to judge?

Sassy Adele GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Where do U stand?? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your take!!

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Justin Bieber Jokes About His ‘Good Hands’ & Hailey Bieber Responds!


Justin Bieber just shared a very… inneresting factoid with us on Instagram. He and wife Hailey Bieber have definitely been flirty on social media before, but this cheeky exchange may have taken things to a new level.

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On Saturday, the What Do You Mean? singer shared a video of him successfully scoring a goal during a hockey game along with the caption:

“Like my wife always says…. I got good hands”

Interpret that message as you’d like…

The supermodel affirmed the assertion regarding his dexterity by dropping a single word in the comments section:


Ch-ch-check out the full exchange — which also garnered responses from Scooter Braun, Chance the Rapper, and others– (below):

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Like my wife always says…. I got good hands

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

It looks like Mrs. Bieber fits in just fine up in Canadialand, as evidenced by a sweet snap also shared to Insta by the musician. On what seems to be the bleachers of a hockey rink, his wife was snuggled up with his sisters Jazmyn, 11, Allie, 12, and Bay, 1, on Sunday.

justin bieber hailey bieber sisters instagram hockey
It looks like she’s getting in lots of baby practice!! / (c) Justin Bieber/Instagram

Aside from sharing what he’s been up to while home for the holidays, the Sorry artist posted a series of videos to his IG Story on Monday showing off his ample collection of body art. Shirtless, the 25-year-old flaunted his ink including his covered chest, arm sleeves, and legs.

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His most recent addition to his ever-growing ink was seemingly dedicated to his wife, getting the word “forever” inked on his neck, while Hails opted for “lover” three months prior, also on her neck area.

The Grammy Award winner hasn’t shied away in the past from flexing his designs on the ‘gram, writing in April 2018:

“If tattooed didn’t hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not very one!! Over a hundred hours of art work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN”

While he may love to show off his assets, there is a lot hiding behind that tough exterior. Recently, Selena Gomez‘s ex reflected on his past and apologized for his less than squeaky clean past:

“When I was young I was uneducated and found myself saying really hurtful things not knowing the power of my words. Racism Is still very prevalent and I want to use my voice to remind we are all human being and all of EQUAL VALUE BEFORE GOD!”

Any thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with ’em!!

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Brooke Shields Shows Off INSANE Abs In New Bikini Photo!


Can you even believe Brooke Shields is 54 years old?? Not after seeing this photo you won’t!

The Suddenly Susan star posted a pic to her Instagram Monday from her tropical Winter getaway spot, captioning it “another blue lagoon 💙” in reference to her star-making role in the 1980 drama about children who grow up on a deserted island after getting shipwrecked.

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Though we doubt castaways could get their hands on couture swimwear and sunglasses like this!

Brooke Shields Bikini Instagram
(c) Brooke Shields/Instagram

Holy crap! Can you believe those abs??

No wonder she’s referencing her early film work, she probably feels like a teenager with all that muscle definition!

We weren’t the only ones who noticed. Fellow ’90s TV staple Kelly Rutherford wrote:

“Beautiful ♥️”

Alan Cumming hilariously responded:

“Shut the f**k up”

But Cindy Crawford summed it up best by commenting simply:


Yup. That about sums it up.

In case you were curious about what kind of work goes into getting that bod, Brooke has been posting fitspiration lately, too…

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Kylie Jenner Shares ‘One Last Thirst Trap’ To Wrap Up 2019 — And Travis Scott Reacted!

Sometimes, you’ve just got to put yourself out there… literally!

Kylie Jenner decided that even though 2020 may be fast approaching, it wouldn’t be right to end the year without one last thirst trap for the ‘gram. We’re not complaining about her decision to do this, BTW… and something tells us neither is baby daddy Travis Scott!

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Evidently feeling pretty frisky on Sunday, the KUWTK star and makeup mogul took to Instagram to post a duo of super-sexy lingerie shots that got everybody all hot and bothered!

As you can see (below) she also decided to share a particularly hilarious caption, as well:

LOLz! Nice to see she’s in on the joke with that thirst trap reference. Plus, she’s got to end the year on a high note, right?!

But also… her body is BANGIN’. Goodness gracious. Just saying!!!

Ch-ch-check out another look she posted:

Kylie Jenner posts a thirst trap
(c) Kylie Jenner/Instagram Story

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Anyways, while the internet double-tapped away at the reality TV star’s great new #content on Insta, her former flame clearly had his own reaction!

Not even an hour after Stormi Webster‘s momma got super sexy for social media, the Astroworld rapper dropped a not-so-subtle message without context onto his own IG Stories.

Here’s all Travis had to say about… something (below):

Travis Scott response Kylie Jenner thirst trap
Travis Scott knows exactly what he just saw while scrolling through his timeline! LOLz!!! / (c) Travis Scott/Instagram

Clearly, he was one of the many men trapped by his ex-GF’s sexy shots! No shame in the game, dude!

Not to mention, sleuthing fans believed he was with the star as he posted another snap, supposedly from their house together (below):

Travis Scott responds to Kylie Jenner's thirst trap
(c) Travis Scott/Instagram Story

Of course, this isn’t the first time Travis has been caught up in Kylie’s sexy world of Instagram snaps. And it’s clear the former flames still have some kind of connection — something more than just good co-parenting energy for Stormi. What’s less clear at this point is whether the Houston-born MC can get back in Kylie’s good graces (and vice versa) enough for things to work out between the two of ’em once and for all.

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With Drake potentially looming on the horizon, there’s plenty of speculation about where the 22-year-old’s love life may land in the New Year. Until then, all we know is she’s certainly not going to be hurting for suitors if she keeps posting pics like these on social media. Just saying!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! How hot is Kylie, seriously?? And how do you read Travis’ apparent response to the clear thirst trap?!

Sound OFF (below) with all your opinions and more down in the comment section!

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Lizzo Had The PERFECT Response To A Body-Shamer On Twitter — ‘Here’s The Attention You Ordered’

Lizzo is here to slay, not be body-shamed!!

On Friday, a critic tweeted out a message calling out the songstress and insinuating she is only popular “because there is an obesity epidemic in America.” By Monday, the 31-year-old crafted the PERFECT response to his negativity.

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Before we get to her clap-back, here’s the original tweet in question:

“#Lizzo popular is because there is an obesity epidemic in America. Rather than encouraging people to do better, we are simply lying to them and telling them that they are just fine the way they are. Unfortunately, Many of these people are dying from diabetes and heart disease

In a follow-up tweet, he added:

“Anybody out here defending mammyism is out of their f**king mind. This lady is an embarrassment to the entire black community.”

For those unaware, a “mammy” is considered an offensive term as it refers to a stereotype held against black women who worked for white families, often taking care of white children. They were typically portrayed as overweight in films, television, and advertisements.

In response, the Truth Hurts artist replied:

“I’m popular because I write good songs and I’m talented and perform high energy hour and a half shows filled with love. The only person who needs to do better is you. Keep my name out ya mouth & look in the mirror before you come for me. Here’s the attention you ordered 😏”

While the man has continued to tweet out additional hateful messages about the same topic, we can only assume she’s feeling good as hell and brushing it off, retweeting a telling message:

“If I responded angrily to every person who seeks to provoke anger from me on social media, I’d never experience peace, purpose or progress. Be a good steward of your energy. It’s okay to let provocateurs leave empty handed.”

ICYMI, she has plenty to distract her from the haters right now! On Saturday, she made her musical guest debut on Saturday Night Live, which is (obviously) a massive honor. But not to worry, the special moment wasn’t lost on her. As we previously reported, the eight-time Grammy Award nominee tweeted out an inspiring AF message to her followers:

“On the left was when I worked for liberty taxes, as a sign spinner… on the right is my @nbcsnl debut. Don’t stop.. we need you. Your time is coming.”

Ch-ch-check out her glow-up (below):

Keep spreading positivity, Lizzo!!

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Ed Sheeran Reveals He Lost 50 Pounds After Quitting Smoking & Picking Up Running!

Ed Sheeran is opening up about his impressive weight loss!

While chatting with the hosts of the Behind the Medal podcast, the 28-year-old revealed he’s down 50 pounds after quitting smoking three years ago and prioritizing his fitness goals and diet.

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Sheeran admitted that he played football (AKA soccer) as a child, but “it all kind of went out the window” when he began playing music and later picked up smoking:

“I didn’t touch exercise for a long time.”

He elaborated:

“And then I stopped smoking three years ago and then ever since then started exercising. I love it.”

Today, his fitness routine typically includes 45 minutes of running in the morning, and will add swimming and sit-ups if time allows it:

“I started doing it because when I stopped smoking, I was very aware that my lungs were so full of s**t that I needed to clear them out. Gyms are good but there’s nothing like fresh air to really give you a cleanout. That’s, for me, the main reason why I started doing it.”

But he also likes cycling because he’s able to multi-task:

“I’ve gotten really into cycling as well, and there’s no way you can, like, check emails or watch TV shows. You’re either with someone talking, or you’re thinking. And it’s a really good thing.”

During his X Tour from 2015-2016, he weighed around 15 or 16 stone, which is between 210 and 224 pounds. Today, he’s weighing in at “12 stone,” which is about 50 pounds less (168 pounds) than his starting point!

Ch-ch-check out his before and after (right to left, below):

ed sheeran body weight loss
June 2019 versus October 2015. Looking great, Ed!! (c) / Mario Mitsis/James Watkins/WENN.

From past experience, he knew he would have “to make a real effort on this tour” in order to maintain his progress while on the ÷ Tour from March 2017 to August 2019. One obstacle to overcome was touring in America, he explained:

“It’s always America that gets me, America in buses. Because you finish a gig in America, you know, you get like a tray of chicken wings, sit in the back of the bus, watch The Simpsons, drink a couple bottles of wine, but then that’s every single day, so it just piles on you.”

However, he was able to have more of a routine this time around to set aside time for himself. Plus, “wherever you go, there’s always a cool place to run,” he added about his jet-set lifestyle:

“But these last few years, because it’s been bigger shows, they take longer to set up so you have a bit longer time in between so you can have a routine.”

So, what’s next for Sheeran? The I Don’t Care singer has aspirations of conquering a marathon “in places like Japan or China, or somewhere where it’s a bit more chill,” sans paparazzi:

“I definitely will [do a marathon]. For me, it’s something that I want to do it later though. I’d have to do it somewhere where a lot of people weren’t watching.”

Keep up the awesome work, Ed!!

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Gigi Hadid Would ‘Rather Die’ Than Work Out In A Gym While Traveling!

Gigi Hadid might just be dubbed problematic with her lastest admission!

The 24-year-old stunner has arguably one of the hottest bodies in the world — and considering her official occupation as a supermodel, we’d say most of the general public agrees with that notion.

Hadid’s high-profile life has her jet setting across the globe at any given moment, and while she’s on the road, the starlet recently said she makes time to prioritize a workout regimen — but with one unique exception!

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In an interview with UK’s Condé Nast Traveller, the runway pro spoke at length about the Turks and Caicos Islands, one of her favorite spots to getaway! After going on about her favorite hotspots and places to stay at the British overseas territory, Bella Hadid‘s sis dropped a bomb about her workout habits. She said:

“I just can’t go to the gym and run—I’d rather die.”

Excuse us, but what?! Is the starlet really saying death is better than some time on the treadmill?

Well, before you get up in arms over this potentially problematic response, check out the rest of Gigi’s explanation, (below):

“I grew up outdoors, so my favorite thing to do is to make the most of the scenery. I cycle everywhere and swim in the sea at any spare moment.”

So, as it turns out, Tyler Cameron‘s ex prefers to get a good sweat in the great outdoors rather than be confined to four walls of a gym. We were concerned for a second but we can’t say we blame her for that, either!

BTW, the starlet added she opts for “minimal makeup, so I can see my freckles, and a healthy glow” when exercising outside and also noted “sunscreen is very important.”

No days off for this girl, even on vacay! This hot bod isn’t going to maintain itself! / (c) Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Hopefully, Gigi can use this as a lesson to think twice before comparing her first world problems to death, especially as she’s currently in Senegal with Unicef.

View this post on Instagram

Today we visited a @UNICEF supported shelter, for women and girl victims of abuse, in Dakar. After being raped and/or impregnated from a sexual attack, it is common that these girls are shunned from their families and kicked out of their homes. Some women travel from very rural parts of the country, some even coming from other countries (one girl we met today is from Libya). After traveling sometimes to many cities trying to find their ground, most girls learn about this home through word-of-mouth; no one will be turned down and they will be supported physically, emotionally, and psychologically here. Employees and volunteers of the shelter, lead by the founder Mona Chasserio and her colleague Danielle Hueges, shown in the photos, encourage the girls to share and find community through their hardship. They are taught to find the positive in their motherhood and relationship with their child, to love and care for them properly, and to nurture their passions, whether it be garment making, agriculture, sports, etc. and learn a skill set that will help them be able to enter the workplace upon their departure from the shelter. Not only have about 250 children been born in this shelter in the last 10 years (15 births have taken place between October and November of this year, and the youngest mother being only ten years old), but there are also orphans who are brought to this shelter by Senegal’s Ministry of Justice. Mothers and their children will stay at the shelter until it is agreed upon by themselves and the leaders that they have the confidence, strength, and skills they need to re-enter their communities, and orphans will stay til about 8 years old, when they are permitted by the government to enter a nursing home to be adopted. Their greatest tool is one called “Rapid Protection,” which is a 24/7 SMS system put in place by UNICEF that enables community members trained in child protection and this specific system (1,222 at this time to cover the 1.5 million people in this region) to be informants of abuse (physical, sexual, neglect, etc.) in their area. As soon as these cases have been reported through SMS, with the age and sex of the victim… (cont ↓)

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Just a thought!

Zayn Malik‘s on-again, off-again love interest does make time to hit a more traditional workout setting when she’s home in New York City, though!

The self-proclaimed “athlete of the family” opened up about her love for boxing during a special panel discussion with Reebok back in 2016. Describing the unique feeling of being in the ring and out of her comfort zone, she said:

“When I walk in [to Gotham Gym], it’s like my big brothers. They don’t care about me as model or what my body looks like. They care that I give a good punch, and that’s how I want to be judged in my athletic space, because that’s what I find pride in.”

The hobby must have really caught on as she noted it’s part of her normal at-home routine:

“I was a volleyball player for 12 years, I rode horses my whole life and now I box every day.”

Keep up the good work, girl!

Perezcious readers, do U agree? Where do YOU prefer to pump iron and burn those calories? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments section!

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Taylor Swift Is Done ‘Stressing Out’ About Her Body Ahead Of Turning 30: ‘There Are Certain Parts Of My Brain That I Don’t Visit’

Taylor Swift is shaking off negativity ahead of her upcoming 30th birthday.

The songstress, who enters a new decade of life on December 13, is being honored by People as one of four “People Of The Year” for 2019 along with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Michelle Obama.

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Ch-ch-check out her cover shot (below):

Openly discussing her body image, Swift shared with the publication:

“There are certain parts of my brain that I don’t visit as often, like stressing out about my body, stressing out about being on trend, stressing out about people thinking I’m cool, stressing out about people thinking really anything about me. You have to toss out things that don’t serve you. That’s what I think we all try to do when we’re getting older, and you just hope that you’re getting wiser too!”

Overall, the 10-time Grammy winner is “really happy” right now. She explained:

“I’ve been told by a lot of people [your 30s] are really fun, and I’m having a really good time approaching them.”

Of course, just because Tay tries not to overthink her image, she also spoke about how she handles getting stressed about her bod:

“I really love that there are advocates out there in the world being very vocal about the fact that aging is not a slow march to irrelevancy, death and decay. Whenever I feel stress-y about things, I’ll just read some of Jameela Jamil’s quotes about body image and health and normal body weight.”

Specifically discussing Jamil, the Lover artist explained:

“She talks about how we should just be not so much body-positive, but body-neutral. We shouldn’t be thinking about them as much as we do, and I really like that. People like that who make solid points like that make me feel more chill about life.”

Aside from her trek to body neutrality, the Cats star has also been on quite the romantic journey since entering the public eye. But luckily, she’s been able to learn a lot from her experiences, and hopes fans have as well:

“So much was made of my personal life at such a young age, I started to feel like anything that I did that wasn’t successful, like a breakup or anything that people were making such a big deal of, [would leave] such a huge mark on me that would last forever.”

Without specifically addressing her ongoing drama with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, the songstress even discussed how she’s evolved into being a woman who can stand up for herself in any social situation:

“The more women are able to voice their discomfort in social situations, the more it becomes the social norm that people who ask the questions at parties like ‘When are you going to start a family?’ to someone as soon as they turn 25 are a little bit rude. It’s gonna take a bit for people to catch up with that, and I understand that, but it’s good that we’re allowed to say, ‘Hey, just so you know, we’re more than incubators. You don’t have to ask that of someone just because they’re in their mid-20s and they’re a female.’”

Mic drop!!

What’s your favorite bit of wisdom Taylor spilled? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your pick!!

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Kate Beckinsale Hits Back At Bikini Pic Hater Over ‘Too Old’ Comment — ‘You Have More To Offer’

Kate Beckinsale is NOT here to take s**t from hater online!

The 46-year-old turned up the heat by sharing a tropical bikini pic (above, insert) to Instagram on Saturday, but one IG user clearly didn’t love the photo. Harshly sharing in the comments, the Instagrammer wrote:

“Shes too old..looking for attention hahahaa!!”

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While some celebs opt to ignore negative comments or clap back with something sassy, the Underworld star took the high road and answered with a lengthy response, writing:

“Are you aware that when you get the urge to accuse someone of something, especially someone you don’t know, or attribute an intention without ever having met the person, that the only thing really being achieved is revealing something about yourself or something you fear about yourself? I don’t know you and I don’t know who has made you feel that if you get older you have no value, can’t be attractive or sexy or have a relationship with your body that isn’t only self loathing, but as one female to another, don’t let any of that noise bother you. You’ll feel more powerful, may well physically blossom, know who you are and what you want and get good at setting healthier boundaries. If you’re young and fearing getting older, don’t. It’s not at all how people scare you it will be especially for a woman. You’ll come into your own power in a way that feels steady and so many more things will feel possible.”

She continued, digging deeper:

“People have all sorts of things going on that they put a brave face on and you’d never know. Sending love and the real hope you receive this message in the spirit that it’s meant. I know you have more to offer than leaving mean comments that illuminate far more about you than they do about the people you choose to comment on. Sending love x.”

BTW, here’s a better look at her pic (below):

kate beckinsale bikini picture instagram
“What makes us human? Having to confront our own mortality, questioning our origins through philosophy, religion and science. And the fact that if we wear white bikini bottoms we will ,within the hour, sit on a choc ice.” / (c) Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

We think she looks great!!

What do U think about everything Kate had to say?? Was her approach with kindness the way to go here or do U think this hater even deserved any of Beckinsale’s time??

[Image via Kate Beckinsale/Instagram & Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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