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Transgender Groups Threaten, Jeer Feminist’s Pro-Biology Speech

Women’s rights depend on the public’s recognition that women are different from men, said Canadian author Meghan Murphy, as hundreds of pro-transgender progressives shouted threats and tried to blockade her speech in the Toronto Public Library. 

Scientist: Professor’s Claim that Unborn Babies Are ‘Parasites’ Is ‘Borderline Satanic’

A professor at the University of California, San Diego, told his students that unborn babies are “parasites” during a class lecture. Now, a scientist from LSU is pushing back against this absurd claim.

UC San Diego Professor Compares Unborn Children to Cancer

A professor at the University of California San Diego compared unborn children to cancer in a slide presentation for an upper-level biology course on the “evolution of human disease.” In a slide presentation shared by a Stanford Medical student, the professor appears to describe a fetus as a “legitimate parasite” that “rapidly grows” and “invades” the mother.

Video: Teen Vogue Says ‘the Idea that the Body Is Male or Female Is Wrong’

Teen magazine, Teen Vogue, is at it again, diving headlong into contentious politics and calling it “science” — this time with a video titled, “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender” that proposes that “binary is bulls**t.”