Cardi B Blasts Money Shamers (???) By Breaking Down Her Staggering Monthly Expenses

Cardi B got bills to pay, y’all!

The Money rapper went off on those criticizing her for how she spends their money, revealing her monthly expenses cost more than most people’s homes!

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She said in an Instagram video:

“You know what I hate? I hate when celebrities do something very extravagant but something very luxurious, there’s people on the comments say ‘You could have donated that’ or ‘we going backwards you could’ve done this or that with your money’. Who are you to tell people whatta do with their hard-working ass money?”

Apparently, like most celebrities, Bardi has to automatically give 45% of her hard-working ass money to the IRS. She explained:

“First of all do you know that artists, celebrities the IRS out of every check that you make they automatically take 45% of your check? That means in order to spend $500,000 you’ve gotta make at least a million.”

On top of that, the 26-year-old said she pays up to $300,000 each month (!!) in expenses, adding:

“An artist like me, a lot of rappers that I know, they literally take care of their whole family. And that’s not tax deductible. The IRS don’t consider that a business. Being an artist, looking good for ya, doing all this extra sh*t to please ya. That sh*t costs money. My bills is like $300,000, $250,000 every single month and I try to put it cheaper but it’s just, it’s not.”

Mo money, mo problems, we guess.

Watch the video (below) to hear Cardi break down her monthly expenses.

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