Bible Urge – Part 4 – All is Erased Only For The Bully To Ruin Everything

ImageGod sealed the door to the ark. After Noah and his family entered, after all the animals he was able to find, male and female, entered, God sealed the doors and opened up heaven. He opened up the fountains in the earth –very important- so both the earth would pour out water as well as the clouds. And after 40 days of raining, the entire earth was flooded. After all flesh was gone, not including fish or anything that does not need air to survive, it stopped raining, and it took about 150 days for the water to reseed. What took 6 days to create for life, took 40 days to destroy.

After that, God made a covenant with us humans that he would never attempt to flood the earth again, for he realized that all humans have evil imaginations that begin when they are children. If it weren’t for that single covenant, we would see floods and arks all the time since then. And to verify this covenant, God sends a rainbow after every big storm as a way of saying, “Listen, this is just a reminder, children, that all is well and it was just a storm. My covenant with you is forever.”

So he told them all, just like with Adam and Eve, to be fruitful and multiply, on a temporary basis. And the next chapter shows an amazing, amazing list of people –family tree- that came from others. Yet something bad happened!!!

Yes, just as with Cain and how he did a horrible act of killing his brother, the evil managed to survive the flood. Remember, he chose Noah because he was PERFECT in every way. He was beautiful, both on the inside and the out. So that must mean he wasn’t this old man that we grew accustomed to knowing. No. He was beautiful. Perfect. Not to say that the old aren’t like this, but that’s the vision or imaginational image I got. Nevertheless, this part is hard for me to explain.  I mean, in all my years of religious studies as a child, they never mentioned this part. Why? Because it’s about ‘making-fun’. But, if a teacher is going to explain the bible, they mustn’t choose what to teach and what to leave out. No. They should tell this part, perhaps after confirmation, because it makes sense for what the evil attacked and how it was able to stem even to this day. The attack of ‘bullying’!

Noah was drunk one night. He enjoyed his wine, and he fell asleep enjoying it. LOL. But, he was uh, well, he was naked when he fell asleep in his tent, not covered by a sheet; innocent.

ImageDangett! His son, Ham who is the father of Canaan, saw Noah naked, and did the unthinkable to him. His own son, flesh and blood… invaded Noah’s privacy of his tent, saw his father naked and told of this to his two brothers, in a way of ‘making fun of Noah’. It says nothing about any sexual perversions occurring, but the fact he was making fun of his own father, telling his two brothers to go into the tent and enjoy the amusement, for which they didn’t, was enough of a sin. Why? Why? I mean, there’s no excuse at all, no way for Ham to cop out, blame another, no!! He had freewill, darnett. After everything that happened too. I guess, just like now, as time passes, they forgot about God’s wonders and how they were spared. Poor, innocent Noah. It compares to what happens to people, children nowadays. Bullies pick on the innocent! They find a good child, think they are weaker just because they are kind, or nice, or a little different from them, and poke fun of them. Bullies are no better than Ham, and what happened next should be a warning to bullies.

His other two sons knew what happened, and turned their heads, making sure not to look at Noah’s nakedness, flesh, and covered their father with a blanket while their heads were turned. Maybe it was out of respect, maybe it was to block out the disgusting desires for the flesh and making fun of it, I’m not sure. But they turned their heads and covered him. Noah awoke. He knew what happened and of course was furious. Most likely he was still coherent enough to know Ham came into his tent. He probably heard the laughter’s, was embarrassed, and hurt. Needless to say, Noah cursed Ham’s child ‘Canaan’ and basically any child that stemmed from him. The curse was that Ham’s child and his children’s children, were to be servant for the rest of their lives. Servants to man.

ImageThat part made me think about us. Maybe the servant of today, stemmed from him. So I immediately looked up prayers to break curses like that. Don’t worry, God made prayers for us to break generational curses. I’m not a preacher, but I will write down the prayer at the end of this post.

So the chapter of Genesis as I stated earlier, goes into the family tree that stemmed from Noah. Noah lived to be 950 years old, he was the last to live that long. Remember, God changed the age to 120-year limit for man, but since Noah was born before he made that age change, he lived to 950 years old. Amazing!!

That chapter was about how evil was washed away, how God saw that this wasn’t the answer, but most importantly, how Ham disrespected his father. Pattern? Yes. Earlier, it was about the same thing, and then came Cane’s decision to kill his brother. So, thus far, 2 ate the apple, received the knowledge that took away their innocence, had children for which one grew jealous and killed his brother, generations stemmed until the evil grew so much –stemming from Adam and Eve’s defiance to God and Cane taking another life- that God chose only one who was perfect on the inside and out –Noah- and protected him and his family and one of each sex of animals and erased the earth and its evil with a flood, only to see that the evil managed to survive through Ham’s actions toward Noah. Generations began again, God changed the age limit for man to 120-year limit –before the flood- he told Noah and his family to be fruitful and multiply as he told their ancestors, Adam and Eve. And now, the parting of evil, choices, freewill, and even generational curses has begun again, this time through Noah’s sons.

When the heck will we learn? I mean, how many floods does it take, how many wondrous events must occur, how many punishments have to commence from our bad actions, be it temptation for knowledge that led to defiance, jealousy that led to murder, sin that led to a flood, and humor at someone else’s expense that led to a curse, for us to realize that maybe we shouldn’t do those things anymore or ever like they did?

The list of sins or ‘things that God doesn’t like’ so far is amazing and how they connected to one another. And they were small too, started that way at least!! Yes, they began by simple, dumb reactions.

1)      Thirst for knowledge led to punishment that we see to this day.

2)      Giving leftovers to God led to jealousy, which led to murder!

3)      Fruitful and multiply went overboard, led to sin everywhere that led to a flood

4)      Invading someone’s privacy and making fun of their body led to a generational curse.

5)      What’s next???

Moral? Though evil lurks everywhere, the choices you make from your own freewill can follow you for the rest of your life. You can be the cause of the entire future generation to be under fire because of a bad choice you had made. Make good choices only. Follow your heart, not your mind. And be good to one another. And most importantly, due to this chapter, don’t poke fun of anyone’s body or bully them. Please!!

So far, we could thirst for knowledge but don’t eat the apple. We should always give the better portion to someone, be it food or money; to God as a way of saying ‘thanks’. We should never grow jealous, never murder, and never poke fun of someone

Another great moral is to read the bible, or any book for that matter, rather than listen to ancestors interpret words that aren’t even there. LOL. Why? Well, because I was told, after some of my family members learned about my reading the bible, that Noah was rapped by his son Ham. This was a lie! I told that family member, “Listen, in no way was it written that he did that unthinkable act to his father.” Thank God I chose to read this on my own.

Prayer I found for generational curses – Just in Case

In the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, I now renounce, break and sever all curses that have been handed down to me from my ancestors. In the name of Jesus, I now loose myself and my future generations from any bondages passed down to me from my ancestors!



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