Comment on Michelle Obama Says “I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us.” by Freeland_Dave

I'm white, pink skinned actually, and have never been afraid of black people because they are black. Shoot, some of my best friends are or were black people. A black man saved my life. I was godfather to the children of another black man. I'll tell you who I do avoid and that is criminals ans those who hate me for the color of my skin without even knowing me. Michelle did that from day one and Barry followed her lead. Now there probably have been other racist presidents in American History but Obama without a doubt is King in that department and the Obama's are still preaching racism.

Comment on VIDEO: Trump Hands Out Candy to Adorable Children in Costume for Halloween by Freeland_Dave

Good thing Nancy wasn't there. She would have scared al the children away. As to the racist statement made by the racist Helen Kennedy, Get some glasses. There were black kids there. Crap woman, the black race only makes up 12 to13 percent of our US population. There were Asian kids, Hispanic kids, no doubt some of American Indian ancestry and, of course, white kids. Get over yourself, the US does not revolve exclusively around the black race.

Comment on Greta Thunberg Says “if the adults really loved us they would at least do everything they possibly could” by Freeland_Dave

So that's her problem, her parents don't love her. She's lucky they didn't abort her. Sorry Greta, you kids are just skipping school and you kids can be stopped. You kids are not invincible. If you kids stayed in school you kids just might accidentally learn something. You kids are what gives rise to the statement, "Hire a teenager while they still know it all."

Comment on CBP Shares Video of Completed Border Wall in Calexico “Areas Once Considered Dangerous are Now Secure” by Freeland_Dave

Hate to say it but they are getting what they deserve. Had they taken care of business instead of all their social reform BS and sanctuaries for illegal aliens they would have had the money for control burns and forest management. Sorry people are loosing their homes and lives but maintenance is important. It's like your car. If you do the required maintenance when it is due your car will last a long time. But if you never change the oil or give it a tuneup it won't last long.

Comment on The alphabet song has been remade — the internet’s reaction is brutal by Freeland_Dave

NOPE! Not buying it. Two reasons. 1. The old one has efficiently done the job for millions for decades. If it works why change it? 2. Went to the site and the first thing that grabbed my eye is the LBTQ rainbow that was stolen from God. It was a symbol from God to the people that He would not destroy Earth by flood again. Yeah it's caused by light refracting in a raindrop. God made the light, the raindrop and the science of physics we use to describe refraction. BTW, God loves all people, including the LBTQ crowd. It's the sexual lifestyle they practice in defiance of Him that separates them from Him. Hate the sin, not the sinner.