Audrina Patridge’s Ex-Husband Corey Bohan Cleared Of Child Abuse Charges

Corey Bohan has officially been cleared.

Audrina Patridge‘s ex-husband was freed of all child abuse charges after the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in California determined he did not physically harm the ex-couple’s three-year-old daughter. This conclusion comes following a full investigation, months after the reality TV star initially claimed he had assaulted the child.

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According to legal documents first obtained by The Blast, the DA in the southern California county fully rejected the case against the professional snowboarder. In the docs, Bohan’s lawyer argued passionately for his client’s innocence of the allegations, and the Hills star’s ex was eventually vindicated.

Court docs read, in part (below):

“The court already has access to the social services report regarding (Audrina’s) allegations of abuse toward the minor child. After reviewing the CAST video and conducting an investigation, Social Services has elected to close the matter meaning that it did not believe there was enough evidence, even with the video, to make a case. Likewise, the District Attorney did not believe there was enough evidence to file charges and has rejected the case.”

CAST, which stands for Child Abuse Services Team, was the group that interviewed the ex-couple’s young daughter, Kirra Max Bohan, after the girl didn’t talk to police at the time. And with the investigation into the charges complete, the Orange County DA has officially sent the file back to local law enforcement — though the office could theoretically file charges at a later date, if new evidence comes to light.

Audrina Patridge and daughter Kirra
Audrina and daughter Kirra soaking up the sun! / (c) Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Bohan’s attorney argued effectively for the father in the courtroom battle over the abuse charges, at one point saying as recorded in the filing (below):

“The entire domestic violence request is nothing more than a disgruntled parent seeking to eliminate the need to co-parent with the other parent and deny (Corey) of his custodial time with their child … In May 2019, Audrina made false claims of child sexual abuse against me to CPS. An investigation was done and the results of the investigation were that the allegations were unfounded.”

For now, at least, things go back to (relatively) normal as the former flames continue to duke it out in what’s become a very contentious custody battle, in tandem with a very contentious divorce.

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The Hills star is still seeking full custody of the couple’s child, even in spite of the abuse charges being cleared.

We can be sure there’s lots more to come between these two… and we haven’t heard the last of it yet. Far from it, really.

The pair is due back in front of a judge later in October for another hearing on custody. Without a doubt, we’ll report more on this case as it continues to play out in a courtroom.

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