Ariana Grande Gets Candid About Healing & Love On Anniversary Of ‘Thank U, Next’

Ariana Grande is getting real about her personal life on the one-year anniversary of her hit single, Thank U, Next.

The pop songstress took to social media on Sunday to remind us she’s more than just thankful for her exes; she’s grateful for the track that took her to new levels of stardom and helped her heal through what she’s referred to as one of the most difficult years of her life thus far.

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The Grammy-winning artist celebrated the record by reflecting on the past year in a series of messages on Twitter.

Ari began her trip down memory lane with her first tweet (below):

“Happy birthday ‘thank u, next’. I can’t believe I’ve spent more time alone this year than I have in my life, I can’t believe how many sessions w my therapist I’ve had, how many times I’ve sung this song, how much I’ve learned and healed, how much I still have to learn and heal!”

We’d probably need a therapy session or two after revisiting multiple heartbreaks through song every night to an audience of screaming fans, too. If you’ll recall, the musician previously took to the platform and compared performing her songs to being in “hell” shortly after she began touring in April.

But Grande continued the celebration of her song by thanking everyone who’s been by her side through some seriously trying times. She penned:

“It’s been one hell of a productive, emotional, wild and yet … happy! year. thankful for my babies who have provided me with endless strength, energy and inspiration… and to my friends who have held me together on the road and at home. I’m sure they’re just as exhausted lmao.”

The starlet’s got a reason to be exhausted, too, as we just mentioned she’s spent the majority of this year on tour performing hits from her two latest studio albums, including Thank U, Next and Sweetener. Both projects reference her relationships with the late Mac Miller and Pete Davidson, the latter of which ended on less than favorable terms.

As you’ll recall Grande and Miller dated for two years before ending their relationship in early 2018. Ari then became romantically linked with the Saturday Night Live star shortly thereafter. However, the couple only dated for a couple of months before splitting following the death of the Swimming rapper.

In a third tweet, the 26-year-old also clarified her stance on love and relationships for anyone who’s wondering, hinting at the fact she’s still single, despite being linked to musical collaborator Mikey Foster recently.

She added:

“update: I still don’t know s**t ab love or have a clue what a personal life looks like other than hanging with pups and piggy which I’ve learned is … actually … more than enough!”

Ariana Grande's new dogs!
At least she’s got these sweet pups to keep her company! / Ariana Grande/Instagram

In her final message, Ari noted her “heart feels good” even though she still has plenty of unanswered questions about her future:

“Anyway, not sure why this anniversary has made me ramble on so much but …. my heart feels good. even though everything is up in the air / i still have a million questions … i’ve accepted it and feel somewhat whole and that feels like something worth sharing. I guess. love u”

We’re so glad to hear this positive perspective, girl!

Thoughts on all this, Perezcious readers? Can U believe this song and its iconic video is already one-year-old?

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