Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Have Tense Meeting In Person Amid Custody Battle

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the same room? They won’t even do that for the Oscars!

As the custody battle enters its hundredth year, the former couple were spotted together this week at a Beverly Hills office, apparently to continue private negotiations.

But turning a temporary custody agreement into a more lasting compromise ain’t easy for these two.

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According to eyewitness reports to The Blast, they looked like they were having a “heated” conversation:

“Pitt could be seen pacing back and forth in the office as Jolie appeared to be visibly upset with the discussions.”

The outlet also reports a man sitting across from both, listening intently. Arbiter maybe?

An insider told Us Weekly they had another sit-down last week as well:

“They’ve had other meetings in person; this is not the first. This is part of their ongoing process to work through things regarding the kids and the divorce.”

As uncomfortable as it may have been, it was still Brangelina in a room together, hashing it out. As another source put it:

“They have established a foundation… that is enabling the process to move forward in a much more thoughtful and peaceful manner.”

Hey, peace talks are hard — but at least it’s no longer open conflict, right?

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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