Afterlife: The TRUTH about “LIFE-after-DEATH” ~a SUPERNATURAL documentary on Heaven, Hell & Angels

Times like these, it’s always a good reminder to know what you are fighting for.

Afterlife: This one hour presentation I felt was important. Afterlife contains talk of a wide range of things: Life-after-death, the Lucifer project, heaven & hell, angels & demons, aliens, ufos, abductions, orbs,, Shroud of Turin, prophecy of End Times Israel, whats buried behind the empty Tomb of Jesus Christ….. and much, much more. Afterlife is a SUPERNATURAL journey and SUPERNATURAL investigation into Life-After-Death. The afterlife, life after death, angels and demons are now science fact. Afterlife: Is LIFE-AFTER-DEATH REAL? Afterlife: What comes after death? Is hell a real place? Is heaven an actual realm or dimension? Does God actually exist? All these mysteries of life-after-death — and more — are addressed in the Afterlife documentary special presentation by Trey Smith. Afterlife: The SUPERNATURAL journey and investigation into Life-After-Death. Afterlife: The afterlife (life-after-death) is proven REAL by science, medicine, consciousness, and testimonies by every person who has died and come back. Afterlife also examines supernatural alien-looking creatures, orbs, demons and angels in the “life-after-death” realm beyond the grave…. Afterlife: The “GOD” TRUTH about “LIFE-after-DEATH” was written, directed and produced by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project. Afterlife also contains footage from the Trey Smith documentary Entities. In these clips, alien looking creatures and a dimension of technological yet likely demonic origin runs parallel our own reality. Also, the largest of all life-after-death accounts of all time: Jesus Christ and His Resurrection from beyond the grave. Additionally, could the mysterious Shroud of Turin contain DNA, God-given radiation burns, and other evidence of the Truth of Jesus Christ? Afterlife is roughly a 53 minute documentary journey into the supernatural realm of life-after-death. Afterlife also contains music (DEFY GRAVITY) by Anthony Meyer: Afterlife music also by Composer Mattia Cupelli… Afterlife written, directed and produced by Trey Smith… Afterlife: powerful testimony of life after death by Rock Star and heart attack survivor Caspar McCloud

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