5 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera And 50 Mind Blowing Chilling Matrix Reality Glitches – Time Space Collapse. Strangest Events Ever

50 Mind Blowing Chilling Matrix Reality Glitches – Time Space Collapse. Strangest Events Ever

In January 2017 we posted 20 Strangest Events. Skeptics tried to debunk them all. Now debunk this.
In 2017 deep inside Russian Taiga trails of launched nuke missiles appear. Yet, no rockets were launched
In 2017 San Francisco resident could see two sunsets in the west and in the east at the same time
This unknown sect posses real Ark of the Covenant
And furniture of Queen Catherine the Great
In 2017 Residents of Nevada saw a tiny Sun setting on the horizon
In 2017 Las Vegas Moon Appear in front of Ferris wheel
In 2017 Residents of Montana saw huge fire and black smoke on the horizon. Yet nothing was burning
In 2017 Canadians reported red smoke coming from the ground
And similar smoke appears to melt the snow before completely disappearing
In 2017 Mountain fly from lake Tahoe into the air
Baltic amber is 15 millions years old & according to science no skull sized fly lived at that time or ever
Missing post WWII bomber was seen flying over Hawaii but FAA have no records of such flying aircraft
In 2017 Denver residents saw two crisscrossing meteors
In 2017 Chicago residents saw a winter mirage mountain appearing looming on the horizon
Strange descending walking clouds were reported worldwide
Sky clouds would “walk” the earth like ghosts
December 20, 1922 First “industrial fatality” Hoover Dam construction was George Terni
December 20, 1936 Last “industrial fatality” Hoover Dam construction was Patrick Terni
In this story Edgar Poe predicted exact future events on board of the ship. Another chilling but exact future prediction story was done by Morgan Robertson in “Titan”
Why Egyptian actress looks exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?
Why 1,500 BC Egyptian Statue Looks exactly like Michael Jackson?
Deputy Carlos Francies died in lake Tahoe when he was investigating how Doctor Tatiana Nickolskaya died in lake Tahoe one year prior. Both death involved a boat.
First and last Roman Emperor had name Romulus
Now good luck debunking these facts

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