Siberian Airlines passenger punches, strangles and assaults passengers, calls baby a ‘slut’


A Siberian Airlines passenger has been arrested after allegedly punching and strangling men, women and children — and even sexually assaulting one female passenger — on a flight from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk, Russia.

The unidentified man, 47, reportedly began his rampage by pacing through the aisle, spouting obscenities. A flight attendant asked him to take a seat near the rear of the aircraft, but he ignored the request, according to a passenger quoted in The Sun

He kept walking up and down, and started attacking passengers randomly and beating them,” Siberian Airlines flyer Stanislav Semenov said.

“He used abusive words [and] tried to strangle several young women,” added passenger Alexey Mamontov.

According to Semenov, the crazed passenger became physical after taking a seat next to a female flyer, whom he proceeded to “sexually harass” by grabbing her and pulling her hair. He followed by punching and elbowing a young man’s wrist.

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