Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Our Intel Source Says YES, IT HAPPENED!

Earlier today Rep. Louie Gohmert told Chris Galcedo on Newsmax that people on the ground in Germany report that Scytl, which hosted  elections data Improperly through Spain, was raided by a large US ARMY force and their servers were seized in Frankfurt.

The video went viral.

Andrea Widburg at American Thinker earlier reported that Scytl is a Barcelona-based company that provides electronic voting systems worldwide, many of which have proven vulnerable to electronic manipulation.  Scytl has (or had) Soros and Democrat party connections.  Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital has invested $40 million in Scytl.

Tonight we learned from our source that Bill Gates also owns stock in Scytl.

Here is what Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) had to say about this alleged raid earlier today.

Tonight we heard more from our source on this raid in Germany.

From our source: The US government, once they determined that this Dominion server was involved in switching votes, then the intelligence community began a search for the server and discovered that the server was in Germany. In order to get access to that server and have it available for use in a legal manner they had to have the State Department work in tandem with the Department of Justice. They had to request that the government of Germany cooperate in allowing this seizure of this server.

The appropriate documents required to affect that kind of seizure were put in place, signed off on, and it appears there was also US military support in this operation. The US military was not in the lead. But this helps explain why Esper was fired and Miller and Kash Patel were put in place — so that the military would not interfere with the operation in any way.

By getting ahold of the server they now are going to have the direct evidence of when they were instructed to stop counting. They will also discover who gave the direction to stop counting and who initiated the algorithm that started switching votes. The CIA was completely excluded from this operation.

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BREAKING: Orange County Flips ANOTHER Seat Red – Republican Young Kim Defeats Democrat Incumbent Gil Cisneros

Young Kim

California – Orange County flipped another congressional seat red on Friday.

Republican Young Kim defeated crooked Democrat incumbent Gil Cisneros in California’s district 39.

According to the Associated Press, with 99% reporting, Young Kim received 172,253 votes to Gil Cisneros’ 168,108 votes.

In 2018, Orange County, a traditionally conservative enclave in Southern California turned all blue after Democrats found hundreds of thousands of votes post election day.

In 2018, the 39th district was officially called for Democrat Gil Cisneros over Republican Young Kim who was up by 3 points on election night and was set to be the first Korean-American Congresswoman. The Democrats stole this race with ‘late votes.’

In 2018, Young Kim was up by 3,900 votes on election night with 100% of the precincts reporting according to AP and she ended up losing by 3,000 votes 11 days after the election.

Ballot harvesting and Democrat voter fraud destroyed Orange County.

But Young Kim did not give up and she ended up defeating crooked Democrat Gil Cisneros this time around.

On Monday, Republican Michelle Steel defeated Democrat incumbent Harley Rouda in Orange County’s 48th district.

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Pelosi Cancels ‘Super Spreader’ Dinner at Capitol After Backlash

No cake for Queen Pelosi tonight. It looks like the only item on her menu is a heaping serving of crow. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was forced to cancel a lavish Friday night dinner at the Capitol for newly elected Democrat Members after a fierce backlash from supporters who criticized Pelosi for holding a large dinner while Americans are being told to cancel family holiday gatherings because of concerns about spreading the COVID-19 China coronavirus.

File screen image.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill announced the dinner was canceled after previously responding to critics by saying that a carryout option would be provided, “Members-elect are now picking up their boxed meals and departing the Capitol. There is no group dinner. Members-elect are in DC already for orientation.”

“Our office strictly follows the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician, including for this dinner. To be a further model for the nation, this event has been modified to allow Members-elect to pick up their meals to go in a socially-distanced manner.”

Hammill was responding to a report by NBC’s Leigh Ann Caldwell on the dinner that included a photo of the lavish set-up and a defensive comment by Pelosi, “House Dem and GOP leaders are holding respective dinners for new members. @SpeakerPelosi told me it’s safe. “It’s very spaced,” she said and there is enhanced ventilation and the Capitol physician signed off.”

Pelosi’s hypocrisy was accentuated by a tweet earlier Friday by the House Democrats urging Americans to stay home, “We are in this together. Protect yourself and loved ones. Continue to #StayAtHome, practice social distancing and #WearAMask.”

Yahoo News reporter Hunter Walker noted Pelosi sent an email to her constituents around the time of her planned dinner urging them to “crush the virus”, “As she convenes an indoor dinner for new House members, Nancy Pelosi just sent an email to her constituents that says, “We must still work to crush the virus with the … mask wearing and social distancing that are essential to preventing tens of thousands of needless deaths.”

There is no word on whether the Republicans held their planned dinner Friday night. However, being that the GOP has generally been the party of letting Americans decide for themselves on the coronavirus, the backlash of hypocrisy has fallen on Pelosi and the Democrats for urging Americans to stay home and cancel family holiday gatherings while planning to hold a large, lavish indoor dinner in Washington, D.C.

One Democrat activist labeled the Pelosi dinner a “super spreader”, “You mean a dinner where each person is from a different district crippled by ragging COVID19 cases? Super-spreader events don’t look good in the White House and they don’t look good here.”

More responses by stunned liberals:

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Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown Orders New Onerous Lockdown; Will Be Enforced By Police

Clinging to delusions of serving in a fantasy Biden administration, Oregon governor Kate Brown has announced a new round of COVID lockdowns that are even more onerous than the ones she’d put in place earlier in the year. Brown vows that this time, the police will enforce her edicts.

Willamette Week reports:

Gov. Kate Brown announced today she’s imposing a two-week “freeze” on many activities in Oregon because of the sharp increase in COVID-19 infections.

The new restrictions, which go into effect Nov. 18, include restricting bars and restaurants to takeout only, limiting in-home gatherings to six people from no more than two families, capping grocery and retail stores to 75% of capacity, and limiting attendance at churches to no more than 25 people indoors or 50 outside.

The restriction on social events in private homes will be in effect on Thanksgiving Day.

For counties that have seen a particularly large increase in COVID-19 cases, Brown said the freeze would last at least four weeks. One of those counties is Multnomah.

Brown also said today that she has directed the Oregon State Police to begin coordinating with local law enforcement agencies to police the restrictions on in-home gatherings. Brown noted that households that violate the six-person limit will be committing a misdemeanor and could be to subject to citation or arrest.

“We have not chosen to enforce the law in the past,” Brown said. “Unfortunately, now we have no other option.”

Brown also wants Oregonians to continue wearing masks when outside their homes and work from home as much as possible.

Of course we can expect the new decrees to not apply to protests, where the rioters routinely destroy the city. She’ll be siccing the police on small business owners.

Her entire dictate reads:

Portland, OR—Governor Kate Brown today announced a statewide Two-Week Freeze, implementing new measures to limit gatherings and stop the rapid spread of COVID-19 across Oregon. The Two-Week Freeze measures will be in effect from Nov. 18 through Dec. 2, statewide. These risk reduction measures are critical in limiting the spread of COVID-19, reducing risk in communities more vulnerable to serious illness and death, and helping conserve hospital capacity so that all Oregonians can continue to have access to quality care.

“Since I announced a Two-Week Pause one week ago, we are seeing an alarming spike in both cases and hospitalizations,” said Governor Brown. “The virus is spreading in the community and, every day, it is infecting more and more Oregonians. This situation is dangerous and our hospitals have been sounding the alarms. If we want to give Oregon a fighting chance, we must take further measures to flatten the curve and save lives. I know this is hard, and we are weary. But, we are trying to stop this ferocious virus from quickly spreading far and wide. And in Oregon, we actually can do this.

“Given the data and modeling we are seeing, my public health experts tell me that some counties will need longer to flatten the curve. So I want to be very clear that there are some COVID-19 hotspot counties that will likely need to stay in the Freeze for much longer than two weeks. Multnomah County, for example, will be in this Freeze for at least four weeks. Our actions right now, no matter where in the state you live, are critical.”

The Two-Week Freeze measures include:
• Limiting social get-togethers (indoors and outdoors) to no more than six people, total, from no more than two households.
• Limiting faith-based organizations to a maximum of 25 people indoors or 50 people outdoors.
• Limiting eating and drinking establishments to take-out and delivery only.
• Closing gyms and fitness organizations.
• Closing indoor recreational facilities, museums, indoor entertainment activities, and indoor pools and sports courts.
• Closing zoos, gardens, aquariums, outdoor entertainment activities, and outdoor pools.
• Limiting grocery stores and pharmacies to a maximum of 75% capacity and encouraging curbside pickup.
• Limiting retail stores and retail malls (indoor and outdoor) to a maximum of 75% capacity and encouraging curbside pickup.
• Closing venues (that host or facilitate indoor or outdoor events).
• Requiring all businesses to mandate work-from-home to the greatest extent possible and closing offices to the public.
• Prohibiting indoor visiting in long-term care facilities (outdoor visitation permitted for supporting quality of life).
The Two-Week Freeze does not apply to or change current health and safety protocols for personal services (such as barber shops, hair salons, and non-medical massage therapy), congregate homeless sheltering, outdoor recreation and sports, youth programs, childcare, K-12 schools, K-12 sports currently allowed, current Division 1 and professional athletics exemptions, and higher education — all of which can continue operating under previous guidance issued by the Oregon Health Authority.

For all other permitted activities listed above, the Oregon Health Authority will be issuing sector-specific guidance within the next week. Sectors without specific prohibitions or guidance must operate under this general employer guidance.

Video of the press conference (actually starts at 16:50). Note that the doctor, who’s sitting there telling everyone to wear masks all the time, promptly removes his mask as he starts to speak:

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WATCH: Computer Science Professor Warned About Voting Machine Security Flaws In 2017 (VIDEO)

Professor Andrew Appel of Princeton University spoke to Congress about how electronic voting machines can be easily hacked to manipulate vote counts.

Mr. Appel stated in a testimony, “I don’t represent my employer [Princeton]. I’m here to give my own professional opinions as a scientist, but also as an American citizen who cares deeply about protecting our democracy. My research is in software verification, computer security, technology policy, and election machinery. As I will explain, I strongly recommend that, at a minimum, the Congress seek to ensure the elimination of direct recording electronic voting machines, sometimes called touch screen machines.”

The professor continued, “Installing new software in a voting machine is not really much different from installing new software in any other kind of computer. Installing new software is how you hack a voting machine to cheat. In 2009, in the courtroom of the Superior Court of New Jersey, I demonstrated how to hack a voting machine. I wrote a vote-stealing computer program that shifts votes from one candidate to another. Installing a vote-stealing program and a voting machine takes seven minutes per machine with a screwdriver. I did this in a secure facility and I’m confident my program has not leaked out to affect real elections.”

Mr. Appel also said, “But really, the software I built was not rocket science, any computer programmer could write the same code. Once it’s installed, it could steal elections without detection for years to come. Voting machines are often delivered to polling places several days before the election to elementary schools, churches, firehouses. In these locations, anyone could gain access to a voting machine for 10 minutes. Between elections, the machines are routinely opened up for maintenance by county employees or private contractors. Let’s assume they have the utmost integrity. But still, in the U.S., we try to run our elections so that we can trust the election results without relying on any one individual. Other computer scientists have demonstrated similar hacks on many models of machine. This is not just one glitch in one manufacturer’s machine. It’s the very nature of computers. So how can we trust our elections when it’s so easy to make the computers cheat? 40 states already know the answer. Vote on optical scan paper ballots.”

Professor Appel urged election officials to opt for a system that uses backup paper ballots to verify machine counted votes.

He also opposed connecting voting machines to the internet which exposes machines to foreign and domestic hacking.

Professor Appel’s solution, “So what must we do? In the near term, we must not connect the voting machines to the Internet. The same goes for those computers used to prepare the electronic ballot definition files before each election that are used to program the voting machines. That is, we must not connect the voting machines, even indirectly, to the Internet. Many able and competent election administrators already follow this best practice. I hope that all nine or ten thousand counties and states that run elections follow this practice and other security best practices, but it’s hard to tell whether they do consistently. So what we must do as soon as possible after November is to adopt a nationwide, what 40 states have already done, paper ballots marked by the voter, countable by computer, but recountable by hand.”

Click below to watch!

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