INTERVIEW: Nevada Republican Elector Suing for the State to Be Certified for Trump Explains Why They Should Win Lawsuit

The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit against Democrat electors in Nevada on behalf of the Republican electors in the state.

The lawsuit points to “substantial irregularities, improprieties and fraud,” among other issues, causing 40,000 Nevada votes to be tainted.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Jesse Law, one of the Trump Electors represented by Jesse Binnall in the trial that is set to begin on Thursday.

One of the issues sited in the lawsuit is improper campaigns in the Native American community, which appear to be bribes, in exchange for votes and registering to vote.

Law explained that “if we are to believe the many articles out these days that claim the Native American vote was critical to the election results this year, then yes, as it appears from your reporting and others’ that this was a widespread effort in many tribal areas and states. Being from Nevada, I am familiar with a lot of the ongoing economic issues facing Native American communities and I think it’s cynical and sad the way they appear to have been taken advantage of by this votes for dollars scheme.”

As the Gateway Pundit reported on Sunday evening, Native Americans in Arizona, Nevada and a slew of other states were given gift cards, televisions, electronics, and even resort stays in exchange for voting. These efforts were partially funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and government agencies.

Any monetary exchange for votes or registering to vote, whether partisan or not, is illegal.

When asked how confident he is that the lawsuit will succeed, Law said that if the court is fair, they will win.

“If the judge will allow all the evidence to be heard, I think it will be very successful because this is a clear case of illegal behavior no matter how you spin it, and that coupled with the many other categories of voter fraud that occurred in this state well over count for the difference in current tallies for the presidential election.”

Law said that the American public should be aware that “this is not just isolated to this year and not just isolated to Nevada, this type of corrupt activity has been going on in Nevada for decades and many other states as well.”

He explained that he is pursuing this case because “I still believe in America as a constitutional republic and I can’t stand by and let an election of this importance be stolen in front of my eyes. This level of theft of the American idea is one of the most disturbing realities I have ever witnessed, all Americans should want to know the real results of this election, without cases like this we never will.”

The lawsuit seeks to have President Donald Trump declared the victor in Nevada and for the Republican electors to be certified.

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Nevada: Trump Campaign Says Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria Hiding From Subpoena Service

Clark County, Nevada Registrar Joe Gloria is hiding from service of a subpoena by the Trump campaign, according to a post by a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Joe Gloria speaks about the election, November 4, screen image via 8 News Now/YouTube

Victor Joecks wrote on Twitter Monday night, “.@realDonaldTrump’s campaign tells me they’ve been trying to serve Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria with a subpoena since Wednesday. County workers locked the building to keep them out and then Gloria hid in his house all weekend. What are Gloria and Clark County hiding?”

Nevada Trump campaign official and former state attorney general Adam Paul Laxalt wrote in a Review-Journal op-ed two weeks ago about irregularities by Gloria in the recent election:

…”In Clark County, registrar Joe Gloria used a new machine to verity signatures for mail-in ballots. He inexplicably and unilaterally lowered the signature-matching accuracy standard on this machine used to count ballots to 40 percent — well below the manufacturer’s recommended setting. AI and computer-vision experts have said that once the factory setting on the machine is altered, it takes months of effort from a massive team with the appropriate expertise to get it back to a reliable standard.

There are more than 600,000 mail-ballot signatures statewide, roughly 200,000 of which have gone through this machine in Clark County. Under this system, an unbelievable 99 percent of Clark County ballots have been counted as accurate, with no opportunity for any signatures to be challenged once verified.

Additionally, the county refused to allow any meaningful observation of signature verification. We simply don’t know how many of these signatures are bad and thus how many improper votes were counted.

We now know that there are thousands of illegal votes consisting of a combination of dead voters, out-of-state voters, double voters (those who cast ballots in Nevada and another state), among other improper votes. Gloria has said any look he would take at possible problems is complaint-based — in other words, not proactive but reactive in the event a complaint comes in. The same is true of the secretary of state’s office. There’s no mechanism for these votes to be checked if officials aren’t actively poring through these categories of voters where fraud is likely…

Videos of Gloria speaking about the election:

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Arizona Governor Ducey Defends Signing Off on Fraudulent Election — Dirtbag Ignored Massive Evidence of Fraud… Why’s That?

The Trump-hating Arizona Secretary of State on Monday certified the state’s false election results.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs previously called Trump supporters “neo-nazis.”

Katie Hobbs rushed to certify the election results despite major concerns about voting machine security, statistically improbable vote dumps in Maricopa County and other irregularities.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R), who previously vowed to wait to certify the election results until all litigation was resolved, also rushed to certify AZ’s results on Monday.

Recall, Governor Ducey rushed to sign legislation to allow the most populous county, Maricopa County – the county that determines who wins Arizona – to use Dominion machines in the 2020 election.

Arizona is now reporting 79.9% voter turnout, the HIGHEST in the country according to latest aggregated results from Statista. It is also easily the biggest turnout in state’s history.

On November 16, 2020, Arizona was reporting a 65.9% voter turnout.

Now on November 30, 2020, the Secretary of State’s recommended election results website Arizona Vote is now reporting 79.9% voter turnout!

GOP witness Bobby Piton today told the Arizona Republican panel he’d stake his life on the factual nature of his testimony due to the criminal election fraud that took place this year.

Governor Ducey later today defended his criminal actions.

The GOP will die off if they allow this fraud to stand.

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LA County Supervisor Caught Dining at Restaurant Just Hours After Voting to Ban Outdoor Dining Over Covid-19 Concerns

Sheila Kuehl

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was caught dining at Il Forno Trattoria in Santa Monica just hours after she voted to ban all outdoor dining last Tuesday.

Sheila Kuehl last Tuesday voted to ban all outdoor dining at LA County’s 31,000 restaurants over Covid-19 concerns then sauntered over to her favorite restaurant for dinner just a few hours later.

Last week Sheila Kuehl called outdoor dining the “most dangerous situation” because it puts servers at risk of getting infected with Covid from unmasked patrons.

“This is a serious health emergency and we must take it seriously,” Kuehl said.

“The servers are not protected from us, and they’re not protected from their other tables that they’re serving at that particular time, plus all the hours in which they’re working.”

Sheila Kuehl believes Covid is so dangerous that she went out to dinner later that evening rather than going home.

FOX 11 reported:

Just hours after Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl voted to ban outdoor dining at L.A. County’s 31,000 restaurants over COVID-19 safety concerns, she visited a restaurant in Santa Monica, where she dined outdoors, FOX 11 has learned on Monday.

FOX 11 received multiple tips that shortly after her vote on Tuesday, Kuehl was seen dining outside at Il Forno Trattoria in Santa Monica, an Italian restaurant near her house that she has previously described as one of her ‘favorite’ restaurants.

When FOX 11 investigative reporter Bill Melugin stopped by the restaurant to ask about Kuehl’s visit, managers told him they “didn’t want to get involved”, and they have no comment.

A spokesperson for Kuehl provided FOX 11 the following brief statement:

“She did dine al fresco at Il Forno on the very last day it was permissible. She loves Il Forno, has been saddened to see it, like so many restaurants, suffer from a decline in revenue. She ate there, taking appropriate precautions, and sadly will not dine there again until our Public Health Orders permit.”

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