Comment on Nadler and Schiff Argue New DOJ Criminal Probe is “Political Revenge” for Trump by William Billy Dewan

These Demoncrats are totally & Disgustingly shameless. Your DOJ has been more corrupt over the past 15 years than at anytime in History. But that's OKIE DOKIE with you all , as long as you lying deceitful demons benefit, Right? Now that the USA has 2 very proven honourable individuals trying to repair the honour and reputations of the DOJ, FBI ,CIA (if that ones possible), and the institutions of your government??? You change your tune on your previous endorsements and praise for same. It is this Canadian/American's desire and respectful wish that they find any and all persons whom are corrupt and prosecute them to the full extent of the Law. Whether they be foreign or domestic, Democrat, Republican or Independent. Please restore America's Greatness and Reputation to days of old. Bring God back to America, E Pluribus Unum. Please GOD BLESS and SAVE AMERICA.